Training the Future Nursing Faculty

U. of Iowa's nursing college shifts emphasis away from undergraduates and toward students who can soon enter the teaching ranks.

Looking Back on 60 Years in Academe

Retired philosopher and Pittsburgh provost Rudolph Weingartner's book examines liberal education, the life of the student and the nature of teaching.

How to Deal ... With Life

Vice is alive and well in the dorm. Now a group originating at Harvard Law School seeks to bring it into the teaching realm. Is poker a winning academic bet?

Interdisciplinarity and the Science Classroom

Academic officers discuss what it means to think about science as a liberal arts subject.

When Wikipedia Is the Assignment

A professor and a technology specialist discuss their attempt to bring term papers out into the open with the resource many faculty members abhor.

Teaching Professors to Be More Effective Teachers

Ball State U. evaluates a faculty initiative aimed at improving teaching strategies in first-year courses and bringing retention up.

Epidemiology 101 As an Undergraduate Mainstay

Public health courses, still far from common at colleges, should become the norm, according to a consortium of academic groups.

Faculty Productivity, Learning to Teach, Student Satisfaction

Researchers on higher education gather for annual meeting and release a slew of studies on colleges, students and professors.

Learning 2.0

Authors of new book explain how "blended learning" can improve traditional education, when online interactions can be better than lectures and more.

Improving Science Instruction -- in Iraq

As the only North American member of the Teacher Training Network for Iraq, U. of Alberta hosts Iraqi professors.


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