Indiana University's active-learning initiative expands, exceeds expectations

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The university brings its active-learning initiative to regional campuses, seeking to boost student engagement.

Questions for online proctoring companies

Colleges and universities are increasingly employing companies to proctor online exams. If your institution plans to sign a contract with one or more online exam proctoring firms, here are the questions administrators interviewed by Inside Digital Learning said you should ask to secure the services that best meet your institution’s and learners’ needs.

Adel Leo, Western Governors University: "Ask lots of questions. Taking the easier route may not be the right route.”

U of Georgia adopts iris recognition for hands-free authentication

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Despite questions about privacy, colleges using biometric authentication such as iris scans say they are mostly concerned with getting students into campus facilities as quickly as possible.

Free paraphrasing tools can fool plagiarism detection software

Free paraphrasing tools can fool plagiarism detection software, study finds.

Teaching with tech booklet available

Download from Inside Higher Ed and listen to the webinar.

Robots in classrooms connect distance learners with classrooms

Colleges and universities are employing robots on wheels to connect online students with face-to-face classes.

Cybersecurity faces shortage of 1.5 million workers

U.S. Naval Academy professor says demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills will climb to six million by 2019 -- but there will be a shortfall of 1.5 million workers.

Federal drone regulations keeping lofty fantasies grounded

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Federal regulations governing drone use are so far keeping the loftiest fantasies from becoming reality. New rules could change that.

Trial and Error: Franklin University boosts retention with data

Franklin University takes a deep dive into data and boosts student retention from lowest level.

Training evolving for Instructional designers

The education and training of instructional designers is becoming more formalized as their role grows in importance at many institutions.  


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