Experts consider significance of Apple's deal with Ohio State


After years of deals for devices, the tech giant’s arrangement with Ohio State suggests a greater willingness to focus on student learning.

Pulse podcast features discussion of the road map for Blackboard Learn


This month’s edition of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Jim Chalex, vice president of product management at Blackboard.

In the conversation with host Rodney B. Murray, Chalex discusses the company’s plans for Blackboard Learn and its learning platform, amid other topics.

Could college messaging app Islands be the new Yik Yak?

Islands app gains traction as it expands base of colleges. Its founder says he learned from the controversial (and defunct) Yik Yak, but the new app gives users ability to post anonymously -- a trait many believe was at the root of why Yik Yak caused so many problems on campuses.

IT productivity paradox in higher education ‘overstated,’ study suggests

Study finds that technology spending spurs gains in colleges’ outputs -- but they vary depending on the institution.

UT Austin launches Stampede2, the fastest U.S. university supercomputer


The University of Texas at Austin has unveiled Stampede2, said to be the most powerful supercomputer at any campus in the U.S.

National U experiment combines multiple pieces of personalized learning

A $20 million project from National U seeks to combine adaptive courseware, predictive analytics and competency-based learning with a goal of better serving adult students.

Student suspended after tweeting about ex-girlfriend

It started when a student corrected his ex’s grammar and tweeted about it. Now he is suspended, and lawyers say First Amendment issues are at stake.

Leader in digital humanities discusses forthcoming move from MLA to Michigan State

Kathleen Fitzpatrick discusses evolution of her fields and a move back to a campus. She’s seen much progress for those who work outside traditional monographs, but also challenges.

Podcast: trends in online education

In this Inside Higher Ed webinar, Pulse's host Rodney B. Murray discusses with Kenneth Hartman, a veteran of online learning and currently CEO of Degree Quest, various aspects of online education, including enrollment trends, judging quality, faculty development and the use of data analytics.

U of Utah offers technical certificates to liberal arts graduates

U of Utah offers technical certificates to liberal arts graduates


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