Robots in classrooms connect distance learners with classrooms

Colleges and universities are employing robots on wheels to connect online students with face-to-face classes.

Cybersecurity faces shortage of 1.5 million workers

U.S. Naval Academy professor says demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills will climb to six million by 2019 -- but there will be a shortfall of 1.5 million workers.

Federal drone regulations keeping lofty fantasies grounded


Federal regulations governing drone use are so far keeping the loftiest fantasies from becoming reality. New rules could change that.

Trial and Error: Franklin University boosts retention with data

Franklin University takes a deep dive into data and boosts student retention from lowest level.

Training evolving for Instructional designers

The education and training of instructional designers is becoming more formalized as their role grows in importance at many institutions.  

Colleges need to make websites easier to find info

Learners seek answers to basic questions, such as tuition costs and campus life, but most schools bury that information -- and many students haven't figured out how to find it.

Top art schools partner with online education platform Kadenze

Elite U.S. and international programs are starting to offer online courses so they are more accessible and affordable -- and to attract new students to their campuses. 

How professors can get students to put down their cellphones in class (essay)

Teaching Today

How can you get students to put down their cellphones and engage in class? Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer offers some suggestions for helping them give up their addiction.

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Report urges data science course work for all undergraduates to close growing skills gap

Employers are struggling to hire workers who understand data science, and report says the growing challenge requires fixes by both higher education and businesses.

Davidson College launches online course about fake news

Davidson College launches a free, two-week online course about defining, identifying and avoiding deliberately false stories.


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