Tenure list

Tenure list

Apr 18, 2022
AAUP report on Linfield University’s firing of a chaired professor sets stage for censure later this year.


November 3, 2022
Kenyon College Qussay Al-Attabi, Arabic Anna Aydinyan, Russian Katie Black, economics Joy Brennan, religious studies Anton Dudley, drama Patrick Ewell, psychology Erin Leatherman, statistics Claire Novotny, anthropology Sarah Petersen, neuroscience Austin Porter, art history and American studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology Guy Bresler, electrical engineering and computer science Otto Cordero, civil and environmental engineering
October 25, 2022
Barnard College BJ Casey, neuroscience and behavior Andrew Crowther, chemistry Jhumpa Lahiri, English Karen Lewis, philosophy Michael G. Miller, political science Tamara J. Walker, Africana studies Duke University Alberto Bartesaghi, computer science Xiuyuan Cheng, mathematics Ryan Emanuel, hydrology Christine Folch, cultural anthropology Nicholas Heaton, molecular genetics and microbiology Gregor Jarosch, economics
October 10, 2022
Chattanooga State Community College Rebecca Aslinger, social and behavioral sciences Linda Coslett, social and behavioral sciences Kathryn Davidson, nursing and allied health Jennifer DiSanto, math and sciences Paul Morley, engineering and information technologies Terry Newman, engineering and information technologies Hersh Patel, math and sciences Monika Prestwood, nursing and allied health Noman Saied, engineering and information technologies
October 4, 2022
Reed College Mir Bowring, chemistry Betsey Behr Brada, anthropology Kelly N. Chacón, chemistry Sam Fey, biology Victoria Fortuna, dance Tom Landvatter, Greek, Latin and ancient Mediterranean studies and humanities Mónica López Lerma, Spanish and humanities Radhika Natarajan, history and humanities LaShandra Sullivan, anthropology Michelle Wang, art history and humanities Wayne State University Rodrigo Fernandez-Valdivia, pathology
September 22, 2022
University of Houston at Victoria Ali Dogan, natural and applied science Hashimul Ehsan, natural and applied science Junda Hu, natural and applied science Saidat Ilo, liberal arts and social sciences Gen Kaneko, natural and applied science Chang Lee, education and health professions Amjad Nusayr, natural and applied science Nadya Pittendrigh, liberal arts and social sciences Daniel White, natural and applied science Qiao Xu, business University of Nebraska at Omaha
September 12, 2022
DePaul University Brian Andrews, cinematic arts Sarah Bockting-Conrad, mathematical sciences Eli Brown, computing Joanna Buscemi, psychology Jacob Ciocci, cinematic arts Eiron Cudaback, health sciences Mary Jo Dolasinski, hospitality leadership Kristina Fluty, theater Graham Griffin, chemistry and biochemistry Anna Hozian, cinematic arts Yiou Li, mathematical sciences Amy Lockhart, cinematic arts Polly Mangerson, modern languages
August 30, 2022
Harford Community College Claudia Brown, mass communications John Donahue, sociology Ben Fisler, theater and performing arts Regina Johnson, English Cynthia Kelly, health and physical education AnnMarie Profili, paralegal studies University of Hawai‘i at West O‘ahu James C. Burrell, business administration Carina A. Chernisky, librarian II, academic support Veny Liu, mathematics Rebecca K. Romine, mathematics, natural and health sciences
August 16, 2022
Buffalo State College, of the State University of New York Yew Wah (Jeffrey) Chow, business Eric Dolph, art and design Jessica Fitzpatrick, social work Catherine Mazzotta, social work Kathleen McNerney, speech-language pathology Theresa Smith, art conservation Suparna Soni, political science and public administration McDaniel College Chloe Irla, art Chia-En Lin, computer science Erin Watley, communication and cinema Paul J. Zajac, English
August 10, 2022
Dartmouth College Leila Agha, economics Vaughn Booker, African and African American studies and religion Luke Chang, psychological and brain sciences Bala Chaudhary, environmental studies Chenfeng Ke, chemistry Abigail Neely, geography Ina Petkova. mathematics Michael Ragusa, chemistry Scott Sanders, French Justin Strauss, earth sciences Patricia Stuelke, English James Whitfield, physics Millsaps College Alex Rice, mathematics
August 2, 2022
Columbus State University Parul Acharya, teacher education, leadership and counseling Andrew Donofrio, communication Rebecca Gerdes-McClain, English Anna Hart, teacher education, leadership and counseling Hanna Lainas, teacher education, leadership and counseling Dae Woo Lee, politics, philosophy and public administration Gwendolyn Miller, nursing Joseph Miller, English Wen Shi, accounting and finance Natalia Temesgen, English Scott Wilkerson, English


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