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Governing board at University of Mississippi debates professor's tweets

A professor's future at the University of Mississippi was uncertain for several hours Thursday as the statewide governing board debated his social media record before finally granting him tenure.

Tenure votes are usually private, but some accuse Dixie State of using breach of confidentiality claims to fire two professors

Discussions about tenure votes are considered private on most campuses, but some say Dixie State is trumping up breach of confidentiality claims against two professors to get rid of them for political reasons.

Collegiality experts advocate its role in personnel decisions

Collegiality is a sticky subject when it comes to personnel decisions. But some argue that a well-defined notion of collegiality could make for better department dynamics in the long run.

In lawsuit, Texas Tech professor says his views on tenure have cost him promotions

In an unusual twist, a Texas Tech professor is suing the university for allegedly denying him high-profile jobs based on his skepticism of a status most faculty members want.

Newly Tenured ... at Lyon, Southern Illinois, Texas A

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Colleges award tenure

Babson College

  • Wiljeana Glover, technology, operations and information management
  • Jonathan Sims, management

Kenyon College

Colleges award tenure

Bellingham Technical College

  • Anita Peng, mathematics
  • Jan Richards, English
  • Rachael Wright, welding

Cedar Crest College

  • Joshua Harrington, mathematics
  • Lindsey Welch, chemistry

Quinnipiac University

Colleges award tenure

Bowdoin College

  • Maggie Solberg, English
  • Leah Zuo, history and Asian studies
  • Manuel E. Diaz-Rios, neuroscience and biology

Converse College

Colleges award tenure

Colorado College

  • Krista D. Fish, anthropology
  • Santiago Ivan Guerra, Southwest studies
  • Dennis McEnnerney, philosophy
  • Dylan Sutton Nelson, film and media studies
  • Manya Whitaker, education

Denison University

Colleges award tenure

Carleton College

  • Christopher T. Calderone, chemistry

Clarkson University

  • Brian Hauser, film
  • Cecilia Martinez, engineering and management
  • Mario Wriedt, chemistry

Middlebury College


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