Sage Colleges reinstate tenure to improve academic profile

While the percentage of tenured faculty members continues to decline nationally, the Sage Colleges worked to re-establish the practice in a bid to improve the institution's academic profile.

U. of Missouri moves toward giving adjuncts voting rights in faculty governance


U. of Missouri at Columbia considers becoming the latest institution where shared governance includes those off the tenure track.

Seminary threatens to discipline professor for offending prospective students, donors

Tennessee seminary told a tenured professor he was offending would-be contributors and should look for work elsewhere.

Argosy University cuts adjunct pay for online courses

Argosy University cuts pay rate for online adjuncts, giving a rarely seen glimpse at adjunct pay and raising questions about how for-profits stack up on salaries.

Louisville lawsuit raises concerns familiar to those on tenure track

If a department encourages a junior professor to teach more than is the norm, and take on more advisees than normal, is it fair to deny her tenure because she hasn't published enough? And why do so many people know someone with this story?

Newly Tenured ... at Lyon, Southern Illinois, Texas A

The following individuals have recently been awarded tenure by their colleges and universities:

Amid budget cuts, North Dakota University System considers tenure policy change

University system’s plan to curtail notice for tenured professors dismissed for financial reasons from a year to 90 days provokes faculty concerns.

Study finds women don't get same credit men do for co-authored papers


Study of economics faculty members finds that men get credit where women do not.

MIT professors push data-based model they say is more predictive of academic's future success than traditional tenure review methods

MIT management professors push data-based model they say is more predictive of an academic's future research success than traditional methods of peer review in tenure.

Wisconsin governor and university system president anger professors with comments on tenure

System president's email criticizing tenure expectations and comparing professors to railroad brakemen adds to faculty frustration in Wisconsin. But the governor likes the email.


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