Textbook prices more transparent but still high

Publishers, bookstores and professors are complying with federal provisions to make textbook pricing more transparent for students. But prices are still high.

Company to help institutions embrace open educational resources

Open education advocates launch Lumen Learning, which aims to help institutions replace expensive textbooks with open-source solutions.

Colleges try to beat textbook costs with book reserves

To lessen the impact of rising textbook costs, three institutions have created programs that allow students to borrow course materials.

OpenStax announces first iPad version of its free, online textbooks

OpenStax College, an open-access textbook publisher, introduces its first offering through iTunes -- and hopes the $4.99 charge will allow students to benefit from extras and the business model to grow.

CourseSmart announces analytics program to measure student engagement

The e-textbook consortium CourseSmart has announced an analytics program that will provide data about students' usage of a text, which universities can use to link with outcomes.

Pearson unveils OER search engine

Publishing giant unveils search engine for open educational resources -- and its own content.

Survey: iPad adoption sluggish but e-textbooks booming

Apple iPads are gradually catching up to their hype on four-year campuses; e-textbooks make inroads as well.

American Public University enlists faculty to write e-textbooks

American Public University System taps professors to write e-textbooks. The move could be a cost-saving innovation, but will raise hackles among publishers and some faculty members.

Advocates say public money for open educational resources is smart investment

Advocates argue that public money for open educational resources is a sound investment.

U.S. Official No 'Textbook Rebel'

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the U.S. Education Department's Hal Plotkin will appear at a protest on textbook prices today dressed in a 10-foot-tall mascot costume as "Textbook Rebel."


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