New Model for Scholarly Publishing

Rice killed its press a decade ago. Now it will return -- with all materials online, but with peer review system akin to print operations.

More Than a Penny Saved

Textbook plan at Camden County College could amount to substantial savings for students.

A Closer Read on Textbook Costs

New analysis finds that low-cost book options are few and far between, and barriers often exist when they are available.

Throwing Down the Book

Publishers' group catches a key mistake by group that says textbook prices are too high.

Textbook Report -- a New Edition

Report chides publishers for alleged role in limiting the used book market.

Conflicts Over Textbook Choice

Cases at Miami Dade and UC Davis call into question professors' motivations.

Who Controls Textbook Choices?

U. of North Carolina may adopt systemwide rules limiting faculty options. Students like the idea, but some professors don't.

Textbook Battle's New Frontier

Throughout their textbook affordability campaign, the State Public Interest Research Groups have rallied around the issue of transparency. Along with complaints that publishers unnecessarily release new textbook editions and bump up the price with "bundled" materials is the charge that these companies aren't forthcoming about textbook pricing.

Tracking Down Textbook Data

Debate between publishers and student groups continues: How hard is it to find information about popular titles?

Next Chapter on Textbooks

As U.S. panel calls for online collaboration to provide lower-cost options, debate continues on the appropriate federal role.


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