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Australia sees renewed push on study of Western civilization


New center seeks to influence curriculum shifts in recent years, which have focused on Asia and on the country's Aboriginal heritage. Some question whether country needs more study of white men.

Campus dining has played key role in rise of National University of Singapore


University serves a meal, on average, every 1.4 seconds.

Dutch universities fail to meet targets on hiring female professors


Most Dutch universities are missing goals for hiring increased share of female faculty members.

Study finds gender gap in who asks questions in academic seminars

Men are far more likely to ask, study finds.

Max Planck institutes create research positions for which only women may apply


Max Planck is latest European institution to embrace hiring strategy that limits certain openings to female candidates.

Academics in Zimbabwe have hope and concerns for post-Mugabe era


Scholars hope for more freedom in post-Robert Mugabe era. Many call for revoking Grace Mugabe’s Ph.D. as a key first step toward ending government intrusions.

Election victors in Czech Republic seek shift in priorities in higher education


Observers expect a “market-oriented” approach, focused on the economy.

Study finds student distrust of those who are not native speakers of English


Students outside the U.S. doubt reliability of instruction in English that is not from native speakers, study finds.

Black faculty members will soon outnumber white professors at South Africa's universities


Black academics will outnumber white academics within a decade. But progress has been greater at historically black institutions than predominantly white ones.

German university imposes religious code after complaints about Muslim students


U of Hamburg will now let instructors decide whether to ban full-face veils in their classes.


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