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Study finds limited collaboration between research elites and developing nations


Outside of medicine, collaboration between research elites and poor nations is limited, study finds.

German universities pacifism is challenged by new government efforts


Many institutions shun military research, but government wants their help in bolstering defenses.

Journal on innovation loses its publisher after dispute over articles

Taylor & Francis says it dropped a journal for commercial reasons. But decision followed disputes between editors and the publisher.

Study raises new questions about reproducibility of research

Study raises questions about research published in many journals.

Germany's far right attacks German universities


Using tropes common in the U.S. and Britain, the Alternative for Germany has accused institutions of being in thrall to the far left.

New research shows extent of gender gap in citations


One journal now asks authors to explain citation gap.

Students in Western nations have mixed attitudes on international students


Some students in Western nations see value in classmates from abroad; others aren't so sure.

Academics oppose proposed higher education law in Poland


Academics see ominous provisions in new higher ed law.

Study shows how Italy faces brain drain that defies expectations


Analysis of Italian Ph.D. graduates finds that the milk as well as the cream leave.

China may overtake U.S. in research impact of scholars, analysis finds


U.S. may be overtaken on research impact by mid-2020s, study finds.


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