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New scrutiny on donor influence in Australian higher education

Debate follows failed attempts to set up Western civilization programs.

British academics worry about visa rules


Reports of international students and employees being monitored frustrate many academics.

Russia makes new push on research


Ministry reorganization seen as part of effort to promote research excellence.

Oxford and Cambridge both turn to bonds as major tool in finance


Cambridge follows Oxford in going big on borrowing. Is this a strategy to compete with wealthy American universities?

Critics fear European research efforts will lead to work on 'killer robots'


As European Union increases funding for military research, some fear where drone studies could go.

Machine-learning scientists vow to boycott new journal

Researchers in machine learning, a field in which journals are generally open, vow not to read, submit or review for Nature Machine Intelligence, which will charge subscription fees.

German rector faced death threats and car crash after free speech dispute


After incidents involving anti-immigrant speaker, university leader found his car sabotaged.

Study examines the research that never receives a citation

Analysis suggests big differences among disciplines in the volume of scholarship that fails to garner a citation.

Backers have high hopes for new Chinese science university, governed privately


Backers say Westlake University, in Hangzhou, will use its autonomy to challenge leading Western science and technology institutions.

American and British researchers less likely than others to share data, study finds

American, British and Canadian researchers are less likely than others to share data behind their research projects, study finds.


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