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Global project seeks to have values inform the way universities are run


Ten universities, from countries around the world, aim to try.

Academics at RMIT in Vietnam question its equivalence to home campus


Academics at Vietnamese branch of Australian university say they lack time and resources to provide learning experience comparable to that of the main campus.

Academics in India face restrictions on criticizing government


Government says rules on conduct of civil servants should apply to scholars at central universities.

University of Glasgow requires doctoral defense panels for female Ph.D. candidates to have at least one woman


University of Glasgow requires that female Ph.D. candidates have at least one woman on their doctoral examination panel. Some see move forcing “academic housework” on senior female academics.

Academics in Brazil worry about rise of right


Academics fear lack of support for research and for free expression.

Questions raised about role of Roman Catholic Church in study of abusers in Germany


Team of scholars uncovered thousands of suspected abusers, but some say they would have found more if not for the limits they accepted on their work.

Spain considers implications of degree scandals


Accusations of academic malpractice have forced two resignations and reached the prime minister.

Study finds limited collaboration between research elites and developing nations


Outside of medicine, collaboration between research elites and poor nations is limited, study finds.

German universities pacifism is challenged by new government efforts


Many institutions shun military research, but government wants their help in bolstering defenses.

Journal on innovation loses its publisher after dispute over articles

Taylor & Francis says it dropped a journal for commercial reasons. But decision followed disputes between editors and the publisher.


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