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Male backlash blamed for failure of effort in France to hire more female academics


Requiring that at least 40 percent of search committee members be female was followed by a drop in hiring of women, study found.

South Korean leaders continue to meddle in university leadership choices, critics say


Academics worry about turnover of university leaders following a new government.

University of Helsinki tries anonymized academic hiring


Pilot project seeks to eliminate bias.

British universities are accepting more students with low grades


Some fear that institutions are too focused on tuition revenue.

Author discusses his new book about going to college in the '60s

Author discusses his new book, which is not only about protests and social revolutions.

Netherlands considers creating faculty positions based on teaching, not research metrics


Country plans shift away from evaluating faculty members only on research metrics. Move would also make it possible to be hired on the basis of teaching.

University of Illinois insures itself against possible drop in Chinese enrollments


U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is paying $424,000 to protect itself in case of a falloff.

Brazilian academics vow to resist threats to freedom


Campuses have been stormed by military police. Students are being encouraged to report on instructors.

Academics alarmed by ouster of university president in China


President of Peking University replaced by Communist Party official, alarming many academics.

Global project seeks to have values inform the way universities are run


Ten universities, from countries around the world, aim to try.


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