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Universities form global network on climate change


Even with COVID-19 present worldwide, they see need.

Australian universities go online


Most institutions feel they have little choice.

European universities are urged to collaborate on cybersecurity


Going it alone could lead to ransomware attacks.

China moves away from 'publish or perish'


Faculty members and universities will not be evaluated based on citations.

Sri Lanka seeks to attract international universities


Government wants private universities and branch campuses of international universities to open up … primarily to serve foreign students.

Polish academics fear role of Roman Catholic group in legislation on free speech


Academics fear impact of Roman Catholic group on new free speech legislation.

German research institution offers cash for null results


German research institution seeks to "nudge the process."

Questions raised about Chinese contract with German university


China can reduce or halt funding if any element of the program contravenes Chinese law.

New system will measure journals' research transparency

New system will assess journals on their performance.

French business schools attract Chinese students to learn about luxury brands


Students want to learn about Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior.


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