Title IX

Alabama-Birmingham faces federal investigation after unusual Title IX complaint

Student at one university says he was sexually assaulted on his campus by student from another university, which found the accused responsible -- twice -- but declined to punish him.

William R. Harvey marks 40 years as Hampton University president amid questions about proton therapy institute and daughter as Title IX coordinator

William Harvey can point to substantial growth in enrollment and finances, but celebrations of his successes come amid student complaints, financial concerns about one of his signature projects and questions about family members employed by the university.

Feds find Buffalo State failed to investigate alleged sexual assault, created hostile environment

Buffalo State failed to investigate an alleged sexual assault or respond to a female athlete’s requests, the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights found. The conclusions reconfirm college's obligations to investigate off-campus incidents, the department's former civil rights chief says.

University of Minnesota revises sexual harassment policies

University of Minnesota's revisions of its sexual harassment and assault policies draw praise and raise concerns about letting bystanders off the hook.

Students storm class at Columbia to protest university's handling of rape cases

Students storm a professor’s class at Columbia to protest the university’s handling of rape cases. It’s unclear if the students involved will face consequences.

Education Department releases interim directions for Title IX compliance

Education Department rescinds two guidance documents from Obama administration and issues new directions on how colleges should comply with Title IX. New regulation will follow a formal notice-and-comment period.

Abroad and online -- beyond Title IX’s reach?


Ruling in high-profile sexual harassment case suggests that foreign students in online courses have no recourse under Title IX.

Study finds large share of cases involving faculty harassment of graduate students are serious

New study of harassment of graduate students by faculty members suggests that the problem is worse -- both in level of offense and prevalence of repeat offenders -- than many believe.

U of California strengthens faculty policies against sexual harassment and assault in light of scandals

In wake of scandals, U of California strengthens faculty policies against sexual harassment and assault.

How St. Olaf scrubbed from a building the name of a revered professor accused of sexual misconduct

How St. Olaf decided to scrub the name of a revered late professor recently accused of sexual misconduct from his namesake building.


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