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President Trump holds forth on community colleges, campus politics

President Trump, in forum on issues facing young people, extols vocational training and repeats comments that many educators said reflected ignorance of the two-year sector. He also says he is more popular on college campuses than most realize.

Excise taxes on colleges spark criticism but may signal a tough future for higher ed

Republican tax plan would cut off key source of borrowing and impose new taxes on wealthy institutions. Some see historic shift in view of elite universities from a public good worthy of sheltering from taxes to a source of funds for government.

Many groups are reserving judgment on Trump's pick to head the Office for Civil Rights. With the exception of one issue

Many victims’ rights and civil rights groups are reserving judgment on Trump’s pick to lead the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, but advocates for Palestinian rights say his appointment could chill campus speech critical of Israel.

After full day of meetings on Title IX, DeVos says improvements needed

Education secretary, after day of meetings on campus sex assaults, says that “many things are not working well.” Advocates fear she will loosen requirements of colleges.

Involvement of groups that have focused on false rape claims at department summit criticized

Women’s groups alarmed that Title IX summit will include “men’s rights” groups that many say minimize reality of rape; statement from key civil rights official -- on which she later backtracked -- casts doubt on 90 percent of campus reports of assaults.

Delay by DeVos means reprieve for poor-performing programs

Seizing on a narrow court order affecting cosmetology programs, education secretary delayed key provisions of gainful-employment regulations. But the suspended provisions will affect a broad range of vocational programs with questionable outcomes.

Education Department announces new delays for gainful employment

Shift on gainful-employment rule is latest move by Trump administration that pleases for-profit sector but dismays its critics.

Liberty University president won't be leading task force on higher ed regulation after all

Liberty University president, a major Trump ally, won’t be leading review of regulation, although he says he will be part of another administration group with other college presidents.

Republican senators raise doubts about White House budget proposal

Republicans take issue with deep cuts proposed in White House budget during appropriations hearing with Betsy DeVos. She appears open to ending the release of the names of colleges seeking Title IX religious exemptions.

Advocates warn cuts to Office for Civil Rights would further slow resolution of Title IX cases

Trump wants to cut staffing at OCR, already facing a backlog of Title IX and other complaints, by 7 percent.


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