Gallaudet Shuts Down

With neither side budging over choice of president, students block access to campus and professors call for her to step aside.

Beyond Michigan's Race Referendum

On election night next month, many eyes will be on Michigan, where voters will consider a proposal that would broadly ban race or sex-based affirmative action in all government programs, including college and university admissions. But while that may be the most visible state ballot measure related to higher education this year, dozens of others -- on such diverse issues as state tax and spending limits, eminent domain and gay marriage -- could significantly affect colleges and universities.

Book on Islam Surprises Trustees

Conservative group sends board members package without saying why.

Dartmouth's Alumni Say No

Trustee nominating processes rarely receive much attention. But at Dartmouth College, graduates have voted down a proposed new constitution for its alumni association that would have, among other things, changed the timing for when petition candidates would make their intentions known.

Many viewed the proposed changes as designed to make it more difficult for candidates who questioned the board's decisions to win election.

Controversy Over An Altered Contract

Chancellor of Calif. 2-year-college district is under fire for removing buyout clause without clearance from his board.

None of the Above

The search for a new president at the University of Iowa has proven tumultuous this fall, as many continue to wonder why the Iowa Board of Regents rejected a search committee's list of candidates to replace  David J. Skorton.

Battle of the Boards

State and local community college panels in North Carolina tangle over a range of oversight issues.

Presidential Ouster at Quincy

The Illinois college cites no reason for the move, but enrollment has declined sharply in recent years. 

Holding Trustees Accountable

Statement lays out common responsibilities for college governing board members, to prod them and reassure higher education's critics.

From Mayor to (College) President?

The man in charge of running Westfield, Mass., says he's prepared to lead an institution, but some question his credentials. 


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