Adding Hunger to the Strike

Students at the University of Minnesota show support for striking union workers, pulling a tactic from the campus protest handbook: starving themselves.

Minnesota Strike Ends, and Offer Goes to Workers

Employees at University of Minnesota will vote on the proposed contract and return to work, despite what union calls "unfair" offer.

Stalemate for Pace U. Adjuncts

Three years after part-time professors won recognition for their union, they don't have a contract.

Pushing for Job Conversions

Budget bill for community colleges in Washington State may represent union campaign's first success at shifting positions from part-time to full-time -- and the plan is not embraced by all adjuncts.

New Impacts Seen for Faculty Unions

Colleges where professors have collective bargaining rely more on the tenure track and less on adjuncts, but spend less on academic support, study finds.

Office Staff Feeling Overworked

AFT survey shows clerical and technical employees at schools and colleges say they often stay past regular hours without receiving overtime.

Better Contracts for Full-Time Adjuncts

Most union pacts have little detail on the growing contingent of non-tenure-track professors, but that is starting to change.

The Union Impact and Non-Impact

Study finds that in much of higher education, collective bargaining hasn’t stopped erosion of tenure-track lines. Community colleges may be different.

Killing the Messenger?

At Moore College of Art, professor goes from receiving glowing evaluations to being fired -- after he becomes union president.

Revolt in the Adjunct Ranks

CUNY's faculty union promised big results, but part-time activists want proposed contract rejected and more open debate.


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