Will Faculty Voices Be Heard?

Professors will participate in the White House summit on community colleges, but some of them remain concerned about the agenda.

Union Hypocrisy?

NEA leaders criticize colleges that make deals with for-profit higher ed, but NEA does its own such deal.

NLRB Steps Toward Grad Unions

Board overrules decision rejecting NYU union, and hints it will reverse ruling that has blocked collective bargaining for teaching assistants at private universities.

Post-Union Disunion

After collective bargaining vote at Bowling Green State, trustees eliminate faculty committees and limit professors' roles in other governance areas. Is it necessary or retaliatory?

Organizing Adjuncts at a Catholic College

NLRB ruling backs collective bargaining at Manhattan, rejecting claims that unionization would infringe on its religious identity.

Restoring the Faculty Voice

Public college professors from 21 states vow to start campaign to defend higher education's future.

A Marriage Endures

Rebuffing a disaffiliation endorsed by their leaders, delegates to New York's faculty union vote instead to keep their connection to the American Association of University Professors.

Reversals in Wisconsin

Governor seeks major benefit cuts for all U. of Wisconsin employees -- and elimination of the newly won right of faculty and academic employees to unionize.

Why They Are Rallying

Amid national debates over efforts to block collective bargaining in public higher education, union leaders in Ohio talk about the changes they've helped make.

Adjunct Alternative or Union Busting?

A community college's solution for reliance on adjuncts? Posts with job security for a year, a 7-7 course load, and no chance at tenure. Faculty unions split on the idea.


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