U.S. Campuses Abroad

New report on cross-border higher education

A new report from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education argues that colleges should consider cross-border operations if they want to secure a spot in fast-changing higher education systems.

A look at U. of Michigan's partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong U.

Together, U. of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong U. run innovative joint institute.

Amid the branch campus building boom, some universities reject the model

These universities aren't building international branch campuses, at least not now. Here's why.

Does China have too much influence over academe in the West?


NYU disputes Chinese dissident's assertion of government influence, but experts say the issue illustrates pressures faced by many institutions to avoid offending Beijing.

NYU establishes campuses and sites around the globe

NYU reinvents itself as a "global network university," but critics at home question the creation of campuses in nondemocratic countries and the effect of rapid international expansion on programs in Greenwich Village.

Scholars discuss how to define and evaluate 'education hubs'

As countries vow to become international centers for higher education, can educators distinguish between hype and reality? How do hubs differ?

University of Nevada at Las Vegas to end relationship with its Singaporean partner

UNLV is the latest Western university to end its branch campus in Singapore -- at least in its current form.

George Mason moves ahead with a South Korea campus

After withdrawing from the Gulf, George Mason plans to branch out once more -- participating in a South Korean university's effort to attract numerous foreign campuses.

Political activism looks different at U.S. branch campuses than at main campuses

At U.S. branch campuses, protests often aren’t possible. What opportunities are there for political or social action?

Shift from branch campuses reflects changes in educational delivery and demand

Shift from local to far-flung branch campuses in some parts of the country reflects changes in educational delivery and demand.


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