U.S. Campuses Abroad

Report finds countries hosting universities from other countries lack basic information about operations

Countries with campuses from other nations lack agreement on how to define such arrangements, track data from institutions and assure quality control, report says.

Survey of European universities finds end to boom in branch campuses

Survey of European universities finds other approaches top their internationalization agendas.

Investigation finds major gaps in protections for workers who built NYU's Abu Dhabi campus

An investigative report found that about a third of the workers who constructed New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus were not covered under publicly articulated labor protections.

A site review committee offers extensive recommendations for improving Webster U.'s campus in Thailand

An internal task force offers extensive recommendations for improving Webster University's campus in Thailand.

NYU professor is denied entry to the UAE, where the university has a campus

After N.Y.U. professor working on migrant labor issues is barred from entering the United Arab Emirates, questions emerge about implications for faculty at the university's branch campus there.


Is the international branch campus phenomenon just a fad?

Analysis of international branch campuses suggests that the trend isn't going away, but won't work for all institutions.

Report encourages cautious, patient universities to expand to India


Report notes unpredictability of the higher education landscape in the South Asian country, but cites significant opportunity for universities that take a "long view" in expanding there.

Western universities take different approaches to branches in Shanghai


British universities make different choices about their operations in Shanghai.

Indiana Wesleyan plans to acquire a Christian higher education institution in Australia

Indiana Wesleyan U. plans to acquire the Wesley Institute, in Sydney, with hopes to create the first full-fledged Protestant university in Australia and New Zealand.

British campus finds high rates of cheating in Dubai


British branch campus finds 1 in 8 students guilty of academic misconduct.


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