U.S. Campuses Abroad

After 15 years of expanding its presence in China, Bryant University plans branch in Zhuhai


A campus and a palace (replica): how one university seeks to grow its presence in China.

British Council report assesses landscape for cross-border educaton


A new report from the British Council analyzes the landscape for cross-border education and identifies countries with the most and least favorable climates.

International universities adjust to changes in Dubai economy


As economic growth slows down, foreign universities aren't leaving, but some are thinking in different ways about their offerings.

Educators consider future of international branch campuses

University officials consider challenges to campuses in other countries -- including MOOCs, the wrong kind of oversight, no oversight, shifting student demands and (when asked about it) lack of academic freedom.

United Nations questions British branch campus in Cyprus


UN objects to a British institution's branch in Cyprus.

Essay explores immigration issues for traveling faculty members

Professors looking to work in other countries and regions -- and the college officials who hire them -- must be aware of the visa requirements and other potential legal hurdles, writes Natasha Baker.

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Colleges perceive progress in internationalization, but data show less of it

While most colleges perceive they've made significant advances in internationalization, actual measurable progress has been slower, a new survey finds.

Study documents geographic shift in branch campuses

Study finds that branch campuses are now growing more in Asia than in the Gulf region.

British university joins American institutions in Qatar

University College London joins American institutions that have set up shop at an evolving campus in Doha.

Duke scales back plans for first program at China campus

Months after faculty members voted down plan to charge foreign students U.S. tuition for program entirely abroad, a scaled-back program wins approval.


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