U.S. Campuses Abroad

New Era in International Higher Education

Degree-granting American campuses in Qatar reflect shift in role colleges play globally -- and efforts in China may be about to take off.

Anxious Calls Home

American colleges with programs in London account for students and try to assure worried parents.

Back on Track

American colleges with London programs resumed normal activities Friday, while offering security tips to students.

TIAA-CREF Dumps Foreign Colleges

Pension giant infuriates American institutions abroad by telling them it doesn't want their business.

A Small World

New Jersey university wins approval from British Columbia to set up campus in Vancouver for students from Asia.

Fallout in the Middle East

Colleges in Lebanon and Israel -- with many American students enrolled for the summer -- deal with return of violence to the region.

Endangered Progress

President of American University of Beirut has overseen remarkable recovery over the last decade -- and now fears a tragic reversal.

A Divorce in Singapore

Johns Hopkins program, seen as pathbreaker for global graduate education, to close -- amid acrimony from former partners.

Cuban Collaboration

After period of uncertainty, scholars in Boston and Havana celebrate release of their co-authored book.

No Risk, No Reward

For-profit educators and investors discuss an enticing, but potentially dicey, new international market.


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