U.S. Campuses Abroad

Exporting 2-Year Degrees

From a surprising source: Under new agreement, Montana State U. might design and offer two-year degree programs in Abu Dhabi.

An Ambitious Approach to Overseas Expansion

Duke's business school announces a plan to establish a global network of campuses, all with multiple programs -- and to bring the rest of the university on board.

'Emblematic' Leader for NYU's Abu Dhabi Campus

HR at a Global University

As colleges set up branch campuses abroad, how do these outposts change the institutional role as employers? Experts say many institutions have yet to grapple with the legal and equity issues involved.

American College Programs in Mumbai Are Cautious and Relieved

Though several colleges have programs in city hit by wave of attacks, they report no harm to students or employees. A former professor is among Americans killed.

The Liberal Arts, Abroad

Outposts of liberal learning are popping up worldwide, often based on adaptations of an American model.

Scrutiny and Standards for Branch Campuses

AAUP and Canadian counterpart warn about use of non-tenure-track faculty and use of corporate model at branch campuses being set up worldwide.

Public Good, Private Money

World Conference on Higher Education concludes, with government officials from Brazil and India taking up issues of access and branch campuses, respectively.

Outsourcing Teaching, Overseas

In Utah State degree program in Asia, "lead professors" (from Utah) design the course work and assign the grade, but "local facilitators" (from partner universities) deliver much of the course content.

An Atlantic Trust

American and British university leaders propose a mechanism for building up the "special relationship" between the two countries by jointly working in other countries, worldwide.


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