Rules could deprive National Guard members fighting COVID-19 of education benefits

A Trump administration policy could deny education benefits to National Guard members helping states fight the coronavirus. Criticism mounts of plan to end deployment after 89 days instead of the 90 required for eligibility.



Alexander backs bill to count veterans' benefits toward for-profits' federal revenue limit

Senator Alexander backs a bill aimed at recruiting of student veterans by for-profits, a compromise amid negotiations with Democrats over his proposed package of higher education bills.


Colleges challenge California's suspension of their GI Bill eligibility

Court temporarily blocks state agency's action denying Missouri colleges' ability to offer aid to veterans. Colleges elsewhere also affected by agency's rulings.


Veterans' organizations oppose Republican higher education bill

Veterans’ organizations add their voices to the chorus of college groups opposing House Republicans’ overhaul of the Higher Education Act.


American flags at center of campus controversies


Though protected by the First Amendment, protests involving stepping on the American flag create furors at colleges.


Former student veteran earns grant and lands in Senate report

A reference to a veteran's student debt goes from a group's press release to a Democratic Senate report, showing both the power and peril of using anecdotes about students.


New federal scorecard for veterans

Federal agency releases new college comparison site for student veterans and data about where they are enrolled, earning praise from both for-profit colleges and their critics.

Senate votes to defund political science research, save tuition assistance in budget bill

Senate votes to ban federal funding for most political science research and to restore tuition assistance to active-duty service members.

New Mexico State's on-campus housing brings residence life to veteran families

New Mexico State's veterans-only housing breaks new ground by keeping those students and their families on campus and integrating them into residence life.


New veteran support centers struggle to gain students' trust

New support centers for veterans are popping up at colleges everywhere. But whether students trust that the office is worth their time depends on how it's put together, officials say.



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