New Initiatives for Disabled Vets

Rochester Institute of Technology announces program for those with hearing loss, while Michigan State starts new financial aid program for disabled veterans.

On Yellow Ribbon, Shades of Gray

Colleges will soon decide whether to waive tuition for veterans as part of the Yellow Ribbon program, a component of the new GI Bill. A VA official answers some questions.

Questions on Tuition for New GI Bill

Department of Veterans Affairs publishes a preliminary list of the maximum tuition and fees it will cover in each state, and some of the numbers are eye-poppingly high.

GI Bill Progress Report

Veterans' agency says it's on schedule to meet August 1 enactment date; questions remain over varied (and in some cases very high) benefit rates across states.

In Admissions, a (Military) Chain of Command

California State U. reserves spots at each campus for veterans or service members selected by their commanders.

GI Bill Lets Veterans Take Flight

Literally. Final figures for maximum tuition and fees payable to veterans climb even higher, driven upwards by high-cost programs like aviation.

To Tie the Yellow Ribbon?

Colleges grapple with complexities of federal matching program that will supplement veterans' benefits under the new GI Bill.

Campuses as Vet-Friendly Zones

Colleges continue to step up their efforts to recruit and better support veterans, in anticipation of the new GI Bill.

'A New Deal for Veterans'

Photo: Oxford University Press

The original, Post-World War II GI Bill has been both idealized as evidence of America as land of opportunity, and criticized for primarily benefiting white men while perpetuating racial and gender discrimination. So write Glenn C.

700 Colleges Tied the Yellow Ribbon

A matching program under the new, Post-9/11 GI Bill has proven popular with institutions seeking to enroll veterans.


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