Washington State Legislature votes to restore affirmative action

Legislature repeals ban imposed by voters, but opponents of consideration of race in admissions are already mobilizing for a new vote.

Two-year colleges in Washington State expand competency-based project with business degree

Eight Washington State community colleges will offer an online, competency-based business degree, as emerging form of higher education wins fans -- and some critics -- in the state.


Questions about whether Washington State's funding formula increases student completion

Study says Washington State's performance funding formula has not improved completion rates at two-year colleges, but officials at the system point to data that say otherwise.

Denver and Phoenix could be the last new hotspots for college recruiting. Then what?

Phoenix and Denver are the latest (and possibly last) recruiting hotbeds for liberal arts colleges. Administrators now worry that they're running out of marketing moves.


Tax hike on employers will help make college free for many students in Washington State

Washington State's new scholarship program, which will help make college free for thousands of students, will be funded by a tax on businesses that need highly skilled and educated employees.


Colleges collaborate to boost local graduation rate


Nine institutions in Pierce County, Wash., are working together to foster a college-going culture among local K-12 students.


Washington State lawmakers propose surcharge on international student tuition

In Washington state, legislators propose a 20 percent surcharge on international student tuition. The universities worry that students will stop coming.

WGU pushes transfer students to graduate community college first

Western Governors U. pushes graduation even before students enroll by offering financial perks for associate degree holders and, at WGU Texas, through partnerships with community colleges.

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