West Virginia

Faculty-sharing experiment is working out the kinks

A much-hyped faculty-sharing experiment among several small colleges seemed promising when it was announced a few years ago. But sharing isn't as straightforward at it seems.

WVU's E. Gordon Gee noncommittal as lawmakers explore eliminating personal income taxes


West Virginia University and its president choose words carefully as lawmakers float eliminating the state income tax -- which could end a source of revenue that goes to funding higher education.


Late audits were culprit in sanction of W.Va.'s public colleges

Public universities in the state were slapped with sanctions that will slow release of federal student aid and add an extra layer of approval for new programs -- a result of three years of late audits, the top reason public universities suffer the penalty.


Up to 80 Degrees at WVU May Be Suspect

Initial audit finds problems with 10 percent of the executive MBA's awarded by the university.

Competing With Publics on Price

Two private colleges create or expand programs that lower tuition for students who are admitted to local state universities.

Governors Push College Completion

President Obama has used his bully pulpit to focus attention on the "college completion" agenda like no one else can. But if the United States is actually going to make meaningful progress on increasing the number of Americans with college credentials, it's going to be up to the states -- whose public institutions enroll roughly four of every five students -- to get the job done. And systemic change in the states will occur only if their chief executives -- governors -- get with the program.

After the Fall at WVU

Despite resignation announcement, President Mike Garrison may stick around in another role -- even as faculty and others look for ways to recover from his short, scandal-dominated tenure.

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