Study: Male students ask for grade changes far more frequently than female students

New research finds male college students are more likely to ask for grade changes.

Professor resigns from Louisiana College over its lack of response to an offensive sermon

Scholar at Louisiana College says administration has refused to act after dean said women have turned their bodies into a "crack house" and advised female students to "mow your lawn."

Professor loses sex discrimination case over her pay but vows to fight on


A professor's department found she was paid less than men were, unfairly, for failing to go out and get other offers. A judge said that didn't matter.

University of South Carolina criticized for presidential finalists who are all male


University of South Carolina hears from students and professors after a presidential search committee -- one that's mostly male -- proposes four finalists who are all male, three of them white.

Scientists rally around Vanderbilt professor whose tenure bid appeared to hit roadblocks as Me Too activism grew


A Vanderbilt faculty member, considered a hero to many women in science, finds her once promising tenure bid has stalled.

Court revives lawsuit over online threats made to feminist students at U of Mary Washington

Federal appeals court revives lawsuit charging U of Mary Washington failed to address anonymous online harassment of feminist students.

Women's colleges see boost in yield in wake of 2016 election

Since 2016, top women's colleges have been seeing significant gains as more young women embrace Me Too and resistance to Republican politics.

Anger at Sweet Briar over commencement speech


Comments such as "it's only natural for men from Mars to follow the shortest skirt in the room" leave many in audience shocked that a graduation address at women's college would defend sexist and harassing behavior. And there was more.

Congress puts more focus on student parents with new funding

Congress triples federal funding for low-income student parents, and advocates welcome the support -- the first new investment in years -- but say much more is needed.

Sewanee debates honor for Charlie Rose, sin, forgiveness and harassment


Sewanee rejects push to revoke honorary degree given to Charlie Rose. Students object not only to that decision but to letter from university leaders about forgiveness, sin and condemnation.


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