Political science group finds significant minority of members have experienced harassment at annual meeting


“Sizable minority” of women have experienced inappropriate treatment at annual political science event, association survey finds.

Study examines role of search firms in finding women leaders

Female candidates tend to do better as recruitment processes progress, a study finds.

Berkeley again accused of protecting reputation of star professor instead of acting on reports of harassment

Berkeley is again in hot water for allegedly protecting the reputation of a prominent professor instead of acting on reports of harassment against him. The case this time involves John R. Searle, a noted philosopher of language.

Study analyzes research outputs and impact across by gender


New analysis looks at differences in scholarly outputs and impacts across 12 countries/regions and 27 fields.

Study suggests that women are more ethical than men in science, and that may hold them back


Study finds that physicists are more likely to describe women as ethical scientists, but in ways that potentially limit their productivity and competitiveness.

Study sees gender gaps in Ph.D. programs, by discipline and prestige


Study suggests that men are overrepresented in elite Ph.D. programs, especially in those fields heavy on math skills, making for segregation by discipline and prestige.

Study suggests language recommendation letter writers use may disadvantage women


Study suggests that language recommendation writers use to describe women may disadvantage them as job candidates, portraying them as less dynamic and excellent than male counterparts.

Q and A with author of new book on 'gender shrapnel' in academe

Gender-based discrimination in the academic workplace isn’t always overt, but the “shrapnel” of small indignities stays with you. That’s the premise of a new book on this kind of bias, and how to alleviate it.

New study suggests continued bias in academic conference panel selections

New study provides evidence that when those reviewing panel submissions see a woman's name, she is less likely to be invited than if no name is seen.

U New Mexico reopening investigation into professor's conduct after new reports of sexual harassment emerge.

U New Mexico says it's reopening an investigation into a professor suspended over sexual harassment findings and who was about to return to his duties -- after new reports emerge about the professor's conduct.


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