Equal Start, Less Equal Progress in Social Sciences

Women begin post-Ph.D. careers with same success levels as men, but face significant differences in terms of work-family balance, new analysis finds.

New Questions on Women, Academe and Careers

Top scholars gather to share research findings and works in progress that explore why gender gaps persist in the professoriate and other prestigious jobs on campuses.

From Plaintiff to Donor

Anthropologist who brought landmark sexual discrimination suit against Brown U. in the late '70s gives $1 million to the institution she once fought.

An Arrest in Iran

Northridge graduate student is detained -- latest in a series of incidents involving American scholars or those trying to teach in the United States.

Welfare Reform and Women's College Enrollment

The whole idea behind the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 -- the formal name of the biggest reform of the federal welfare system in decades -- was to push more people off the federal dole and into the work force. By that measure, it undeniably worked: Welfare rolls have declined by about half since 1996, with much of the decline attributable to the policy changes, and employment rates have grown for many of those groups historically well-represented on welfare.

Rooming With Your Child

College of Saint Mary offers alternative on-campus housing opportunity for single mothers.

Fieldwork with Three Children

At annual meeting, anthropologists discuss mothering in, and of, the field.

Women Abroad and Men at Home

Persistent gender gap in study abroad, even as total enrollments rise, puzzles many experts.

The Teaching Paradox

Women who teach English and other languages are more satisfied with classroom work than other aspects of their jobs, but report shame over pride in areas other than research, survey finds.

The Second Shift in Academic Medicine

Study points to unequal home patterns and lack of flexible work options as possible explanation for the departure of women from medical school faculties.


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