A Bathroom of Her Own

A student's suit over lack of single-sex facilities raises the question: Do college women deserve some spaces where men won't be disrobing?

Proof That Mentoring Matters

Study of economists -- complete with control group -- shows impact of coaching women on the process or getting published and winning grants.

Role Models and Stereotypes

Study both backs up and challenges conventional wisdom about whether presence of female faculty members influences female students' choice of major.

Housework Help as a New Benefit

Scholars document the gender gap in cooking, cleaning and laundry among scientists -- and suggest a new employee benefit may be key to the advancement of women.

Gender Gap Stops Growing

New analysis suggests that -- except for Latinos -- the decline in male enrollment rates has leveled off.

Responsibilities: A College and Triplets

Carmen Twillie Ambar is president of a small college in Pennsylvania -- and the mother of three toddlers.

An Intimate Exam

Upsetting some students, U. of Minnesota Medical School stops using live patients to teach pelvic exams.

Standing Up for Explicit Exhibit

A year after one university insisted on removing part of photography show, U. of Louisville defends the project, which includes images of naked girls and women.

The B-School Glass Ceiling

New study finds women tend to stagnate in faculty rank after earning tenure, while men tend to go on to full professorships.

Decline of Sportswomanship?

Recent violent outbursts among female athletes garner lots of media attention and worry some educators. But many observers say the incidents are aberrations.


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