Small steps women in academe should take to support each other (opinion)

Entire systems must be fixed, but for now, we can all take some small, immediate steps to improve the work environment for our female colleagues, writes Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt.

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Wesleyan switches graduation speakers amid controversy over author's comments on women


Daniel Handler, the children's author known as Lemony Snicket, will no longer speak at Wesleyan commencement, amid furor over his comments about women.

Dutch universities fail to meet targets on hiring female professors


Most Dutch universities are missing goals for hiring increased share of female faculty members.

A professor resists departmental attempt to add a female author to class reading list for sake of gender balance

A departmental committee told a professor he had to teach Judith Butler in his class in the name of gender balance. He refused. As for Butler, she doesn’t want her work forced on him.

Study finds gender gap in who asks questions in academic seminars

Men are far more likely to ask, study finds.

Max Planck institutes create research positions for which only women may apply


Max Planck is latest European institution to embrace hiring strategy that limits certain openings to female candidates.

Yale strikes 'freshman,' 'upperclassman' from official publications

Yale jumps on to the growing trend of  gender-neutral terminology for students. 

Tensions grow over harassment allegations at University of Rochester

Professor who has been accused won’t be teaching this semester. President apologizes for comparing charges to fake ones published by Rolling Stone.

Study says multiple factors work together to drive women away from STEM


Paper finds that bad grades on their own aren’t enough to prompt a change of major, and neither is the environment, but problems arise when those factors compound one other.

Author discusses new book on gender and value of higher education

Author discusses new book on how the value of higher education is discussed -- and how issues of gender influence that discussion.


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