California Supreme Court rejects appeal of ruling that permits Deep Springs to admit women

California Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal from alumni trying to block admission of women. Could six years of litigation be nearing an end?

Study finds women in economics write papers that are more readable, but face longer publication delays

Female economists write papers that are more readable than those produced by their male counterparts but take significantly longer to get published, study finds.

California appeals court rules Deep Springs College may admit women

An unusually small and rigorous college has been trying to become coeducational since 2011. A California appeals court might make that possible.

Study finds women don't get same credit men do for co-authored papers


Study of economics faculty members finds that men get credit where women do not.

Kentucky professor says he was found guilty of harassment for singing "California Girls," but institution says charges are more serious

University of Kentucky professor says he was found guilty of sexual harassment for singing "California Girls" at a Chinese educational event, but the institution says the charges against him are more serious.

Study suggests Ph.D. supply isn't the problem when it comes to diversifying the professoriate


Study suggests Ph.D. supply isn't the problem when it comes to diversifying the professoriate.

Women academic leaders and impostor syndrome (essay)

As high-achieving women in academe, we are not impostors, writes Claudine Keenan, but have earned our way -- regardless of the pathways we have followed.

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Study finds major access gaps in higher education in developing countries


As higher education expands, enrollment of female and low-income students may not grow much at all.

Michigan State sets off debate by eliminating a women's lounge in student union


Michigan State has closed its women's lounge. A male professor at another university complained about it, but many female students at the university want it back.


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