Women's colleges

Anger at Sweet Briar over commencement speech


Comments such as "it's only natural for men from Mars to follow the shortest skirt in the room" leave many in audience shocked that a graduation address at women's college would defend sexist and harassing behavior. And there was more.

Mills College declares "financial emergency" and plans layoffs and curricular reform

College announces layoffs (likely including tenured professors) and plans for curricular reform -- amid a deficit that has grown to $9 million.

Leaders of Seven Sisters object to statement from key Trump aide


Leaders of women’s colleges object to what Trump’s appointee as chief White House strategist had to say about their institutions and their alumnae.

Bay Path U seeks to build a data-driven online college for women


Bay Path University, a women's college, has expanded its enrollment by moving beyond its traditional student population. Can it find success online?

Virginia Supreme Court orders lower court to reconsider injunction stopping Sweet Briar's closure

Virginia Supreme Court gives opponents of closure another shot at an injunction to keep the college going. But even if that strategy works, will there be students left to educate?

Mills College struggles with financial difficulty, faculty unrest as president calls it quits

Mills is across the country from Sweet Briar, but is closer in circumstance. It struggles with declining enrollment, a growing discount rate and faculty-administrator tensions. How endangered is the college?

Sweet Briar College will shut down

UPDATE: Some see a courageous decision by a board that searched hard for alternatives. Others are dubious. Many wonder which other colleges are vulnerable.

Catholic colleges worry as number of female presidents falls

For decades, female presidents led the majority of Catholic colleges. But as women leaders have gained ground elsewhere, at Catholic colleges, they’re disappearing.

Mount Holyoke and a handul of other private colleges freeze tuition for next year

Mount Holyoke joins a short -- but longer than usual -- list of colleges to freeze tuition. Moves could signal awareness of a limit to families' willingness to pay high sticker prices.

As another women's college shifts to coeducation, institutions consider strategies for attracting students

Another women's colleges goes completely coeducational, renewing discussion of viability of single-sex colleges -- and of institutions that start to recruit male students.


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