Women's studies

Women's journal submission rates continue to fall

Women's journal submission rates fell as their caring responsibilities jumped due to COVID-19. Without meaningful interventions, the trend is likely to continue.

Twitter thread examines attention-seeking male professor stereotype


Do male professors need and seek out attention from their female students? A popular feminist blogger thinks so, as do many of her Twitter followers.

Scholars consider appropriate background to teach women's studies


Disgraced professor renews the discussion over whether those leading the field should have degrees in it.

New book on gender, family and academe shows how kids affect careers in higher education


A decadelong research initiative out of the University of California at Berkeley culminates in a detailed look at the effects of children on men's and women's academic careers.

North Carolina governor joins chorus of Republicans critical of liberal arts

North Carolina governor becomes the latest Republican to question the value of liberal arts, push more vocational training and target the state's flagship.

Gender studies scholars say the field is coming under attack in many countries around the globe


Scholars say their field is coming under increasing pressures from forces outside the academy who want to delegitimize it.

Feminism, safe spaces and the inclusion of male voices

At National Women’s Studies Association annual gathering, scholar talks using trigger warnings and safe spaces as a way to engage men in feminist discourse.

Judith Butler discusses being burned in effigy and protested in Brazil

Outside a conference she helped organize, the noted philosopher and gender theorist was burned (as a witch) in effigy. She describes the opposition and the experience of being attacked in this way.

Divisions within Hypatia's editorial board lead to the resignations of top editors

Divisions within the journal’s editorial board, sparked by an article on transgenderism, lead to the resignations of top editors and suspension of associate editorial board.

National Women's Studies Association joins Israel boycott movement

The National Women's Studies Association becomes the latest scholarly group to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.


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