Opposition hardens against one college seeking to merge and another planning to close

Organizers want to fight for the future of Hampshire and Green Mountain Colleges. They've been in touch with those who prevented Sweet Briar from closing.

Democratic contenders' higher ed positions go well beyond free college

The 2016 Democratic primary was defined in part by free college. But contenders seeking the party's nomination in 2020 have focused on a wide range of issues in higher ed, including debt relief, for-profits and sexual misconduct.

'Oregonian' reports on cases of Saudi students accused of crimes fleeing U.S. justice

The Oregonian reports on a series of cases in which Saudi students at U.S. colleges were accused of crimes but disappeared before facing U.S. criminal charges. Two senators introduce legislation calling for investigation of Saudi government's role.

Yale University sued over fraternity culture, and plaintiffs demand coeducation

A lawsuit alleging rampant sexual misconduct among Yale's Greek chapters has demanded they admit women.

What lessons can be learned from the Wright State faculty strike?

Lessons learned from the Wright State strike: professors will fight against an imposed contract, for their right to bargain over health care -- and for basic respect.

A new frontier in college athletics -- video games

The booming popularity of esports has started a vociferous debate over whether the NCAA or another entity will regulate the industry for colleges and universities.

Linfield College is moving forward with a plan to cut its faculty -- apparently with or without professors' input

Linfield College is moving forward with a plan to cut its faculty -- apparently with or without professors' input.

As art schools show signs of stress, what can liberal arts colleges learn?

The smallest art colleges are struggling in a fiercely competitive market. Why are they showing such signs of stress? And can larger liberal arts colleges learn from their successes and missteps?

Division, investigations, faculty departures… What is going on in Hope College's music department?

Division, investigations, faculty departures … What is going on in Hope College's music department, where students value those who have left?

Colleges grapple with racism after Northam controversy


Colleges and universities in Virginia and elsewhere, struggling with histories tied to slavery and the Confederacy, are forced by the scandal involving the governor's yearbook to consider the spewing of hatred in contemporary times.


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