Education Dept. keeps secret the names of colleges found to be risky for students, taxpayers

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U.S. government declines to identify dozens of institutions whose federal funding it has restricted because of concerns about their risk to students and taxpayers.

Writing teachers talk teaching students about 'white privilege' at composition instructors' meeting

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Writing instructors at Conference on College Composition and Communication talk about teaching about racism and white privilege -- and the political and career risks they face for doing so.

Austin Community College's promising experiment with personalized remedial mathematics

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Austin Community College builds the world's largest learning lab in a former mall, using it for a personalized form of remedial math that is getting good results.

Is the U. of Oklahoma doing enough for the state's American Indian population?

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The same fraternity in the national spotlight for a racist video was involved in incidents against American Indians in the 1990's -- and Indians question whether the university is doing enough to boost minority recruitment.


University ties money for salary decompression to successful retention growth

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Faculty and administrators are pleased with Coastal Carolina U. program that links salary decompression with increased student retention.

University that went bankrupt amid tighter federal scrutiny looks to collect money from former students

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Mid-Continent University's closure last year left a messy situation for students -- and it was precipitated by financial sanctions the U.S. Department of Education uses to rein in colleges.

House Republicans again propose 10-year freeze on Pell Grant maximum award

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In attempt to balance the federal budget, House Republicans are again proposing that the maximum grant award remain at its current level for a decade. 

Brown U. sexual assault investigation draws criticism from accused and accusers

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Allegations of mismanaged drug tests and students' questions about the role of money and power lead to scrutiny of a sexual assault investigation at Brown U.

U. of Maryland wrestles with how to punish fraternity member who sent racist, sexist e-mail

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U. of Maryland discovers that, in wake of Oklahoma fraternity's racist chant, offensive statements by fraternity members will get more scrutiny -- both from those demanding tough responses and those who want no response.

Arizona unprecedented in defunding community colleges

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State officials' decision to completely cut funding for some community colleges is unprecedented.


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