Wesleyan College in Georgia apologizes for decades in which institution embraced Ku Klux Klan culture

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On same day Atlanta newspaper exposes decades KKK influence on the culture and activities of Wesleyan College, the women's institution publicly apologizes and acknowledges its past for first time.

Colleges face challenges when producing historical theater

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Native American walkout from the University of Wyoming’s production of The Fantasticks illustrates challenges facing college drama.

College presidents diversifying slowly and growing older, study finds

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Colleges and universities turn to experienced presidents in times of pressure, curtailing gains in diversity, study finds.

University of Dayton's fixed net tuition price pans out

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University of Dayton reports strong results for first class graduating under a financial aid plan keeping students' net tuition stable for four years, but considerable risks mean the idea might not always transfer well.

Education Department to hit pause on two primary Obama regulations aimed at for-profits

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Trump administration will suspend borrower defense and renegotiate gainful employment, two Obama administration rules aimed at reining in for-profit colleges. Moves draw rebukes from Democrats and student advocates.


White House apprenticeship push will include funding and focus on alternative providers

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Trump administration’s apprenticeship push will include call for up to $200 million in new funding, a less balky federal registration process and more participation by noncollege education providers.

Study questions effectiveness of online education for at-risk students

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New study finds students at most risk may be those least well served by learning outside the classroom.

Report details major issues at University of Louisville Foundation

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New report gives a blow-by-blow account of unbudgeted spending, unapproved action and endowment losses at University of Louisville's fund-raising arm.

University of Wisconsin Naming Partnership approaches halfway point

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As deal to keep Wisconsin Business School name intact approaches its halfway mark, donors consider what it means -- and the changing nature of honoring donors.

Spate of presidents fired early in tenures with few reasons why

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Recent spate of college president departures shows evolving nature of board-president relations.


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