ABA panel votes to end testing requirement

American Bar Association panel votes to lift test requirement, but group’s governing body must still approve the change. Sixty deans opposed the move.

New policies guide removal of controversial building names


The Black Lives Matter protests inspired activists to demand the removal of controversial names from campus buildings. Many universities have established practices to guide them.

A group of Black students surround Myra Harris, a Black woman, and hold a sign reading "Welcome home Ms. Harris"

FBI says most bomb threats against HBCUs made by a minor

FBI officials identified a teenager who they say is responsible for the majority of bomb threats to HBCUs this year. Some HBCU leaders say the results of the investigation are long overdue.

A student in a red jacket walks across the campus of Morgan State University.

Broken severance agreement leads to $4 million settlement

In 2015 College of DuPage trustees fired the president, refused to pay a $763,000 severance and dared him to file a lawsuit. He did. Now the college is settling for $4 million.

Robert Breuder, an older white man wearing a business suit.

UVA mourns shooting deaths of three football players

Violence also visited the University of Idaho this weekend, leaving four students dead.

Students in a winter coats hold candles at a vigil.

48,000 U of California student workers, researchers strike


Some 48,000 graduate student workers, postdocs and researchers across the U of California are striking for a major pay increase. The pressure is on.

A huge crowd of striking student workers holding picket signs.

University of Utah seeks students with grit

University of Utah hopes to expand a program that diversifies the institution—and that should survive a Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

International students are coming back to U.S. campuses


International enrollment has largely recovered from a steep drop during the pandemic, according to a new report. But some numbers are still short of pre-pandemic levels.

A large crowd of students in graduation gowns and caps raise a variety of national flags in an arena.

Campus shutdown case goes to state supreme court

The University of South Florida asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit alleging breach of contract for COVID shutdowns. Its case rests on a broad interpretation of “sovereign immunity.”

Sign for the University of South Florida, with the crest, backed by trees and other foliage.

For frictionless syllabus access, some bypass the college

Some professors provide students with barrier-free access to course information and materials, even when doing so requires extra work and leaves them feeling vulnerable.

A screenshot of the syllabus for a photography class.


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