The admissions cycle favors institutions with prestige and money

Institutions with money and prestige are doing very well this year; those known for serving low-income students, not so much.

Colleges weigh taking action against incendiary comments in aftermath of Capitol attack

Some college leaders quickly cracked down on students and faculty voicing support for rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol. Others walked a fine line between protecting free speech rights and tamping down incendiary language.

Health professions schools see surge in applications

Students are showing more interest in health-related education. Experts say it's not just about Anthony Fauci.

The Capitol riots: A failure to educate?

This week’s Capitol riots have been repeatedly described as “unthinkable.” Yet happen they did, so how do we start to think about them? Many academics have an answer: the humanities.

University leaders who supported Trump shy away from naming him after Capitol attack

Do the presidents of universities that helped elevate Donald Trump to the White House have extra responsibility amid the chaos that unfolded at the end of his presidency?

Higher ed leaders condemn riot at U.S. Capitol

College presidents called the violent unrest at the U.S. Capitol building shocking, frightening and a “clear attempt to hijack the very foundation of our democracy.”

Pitzer College creates first B.A. program open to both its students and incarcerated students

Pitzer College students and incarcerated men at the California Rehabilitation Center will now earn bachelor's degrees side by side.

Yale arts and sciences faculty want to see bold hiring moves during the pandemic

Yale's arts and sciences faculty wants the institution to seize the day on faculty hiring, but wealthy institutions continue to practice restraint -- maybe even for the long term.

ACHA recommends twice-weekly testing as study find twin social distancing and mask policies are (cost) effective

Health association recommends twice-weekly testing for campuses that are reopening. Twin social distancing and mask policies are (cost) effective, new study says.

Cal State chancellor reflects on leadership as he approaches retirement delayed by COVID-19

California State University chancellor Timothy White sought to tie his own story to those of the system and its students. That meant putting off retirement this year as the system sought stability amid the pandemic.


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