Duke study highlights importance of broad asymptomatic testing

Study demonstrates importance of frequent, routine testing of asymptomatic students and feasibility of a pooled testing approach.

Colleges end in-person instruction early due to COVID-19 spread

Many colleges are now announcing new shifts to online learning that will continue for the rest of the semester.

College applications are decreasing

Common Application reports declines of 8 percent. Applications for first-generation students and those eligible for fee waivers are down 16 percent.

Pro-Trump law professor says he's being pushed out over views

University of Miami law professor says he's being fired for his controversial views. Some colleagues have spoken out against him, but some worry about making him a martyr.

Survey: New international enrollments drop by 43 percent this fall


A survey found that new international enrollments dropped by 43 percent this fall. It also provides the first glimpse of the effects of the pandemic on international exchange and insight into pre-pandemic trends.

Students hope Biden administration's message of unity will resonate on campus


Liberal students, and even some conservatives, feel hopeful that Joe Biden's election will lead to less divisive dialogue on campus and make strides for students of color. But some students on the right worry their free speech rights could be compromised.

Enrollment declines continue, National Student Clearinghouse finds

Undergraduate enrollment is still down across higher education, according to the latest National Student Clearinghouse report. Black and Hispanic enrollment in community colleges is still down more than white and Asian enrollment.

Biden presidency offers promise of reset for international education, but challenges remain


It's been a hard four years for supporters of international education. Experts expect a reset in international education policies under Biden, but caution that damage to the once-welcoming image of the United States can't be easily erased.

What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

President-elect has vowed to spend much more. The vice president-elect is an HBCU graduate and supporter. The next first lady is a community college instructor.

Experts discuss the failure of California's Proposition 16

Experts differ in their explanations as higher education prepares for new attacks on affirmative action.


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