Can colleges minimize COVID-19 spread over Thanksgiving break?

Relatively few colleges have released guidance for student travel over Thanksgiving, even though the COVID-19 pandemic is surging nationwide and the holiday is less than four weeks away.

What counts as success when it comes to containing COVID

With less than a month to Thanksgiving, some colleges are starting to tell their stories of how they've contained the virus -- and they're feeling pretty good about the results of their efforts. 


California to vote on returning affirmative action to public universities

Will Election Day see a restoration of the consideration of race in admissions in California? Will the vote be as influential as the measure to ban affirmative action?

Liberty University's Falkirk think tank pushed the boundaries on political messaging, but nonprofit restrictions remain murky

A Liberty University think tank pushed the boundaries on political advertising and messaging this year.

Racial disparities in higher education funding could widen during economic downturn


Since the last recession, the U.S. has made little progress on the funding gap for colleges that serve disproportionate shares of students of color. That gap may widen as the country heads into another recession.

Unmasking another white professor allegedly posing as a person of color

Furman professor resigns suddenly after an anonymous critic outs her as white, not Chicana, as she'd claimed.

Black administrators are too rare at the top ranks of higher education. It’s not just a pipeline problem.


Black campus leaders say their careers can be deeply rewarding, even as they are taxing. So why are Black employees so sharply underrepresented at the top ranks of the higher education ecosystem?

Temporary college presidents face unique challenges leading through pandemic

Like permanent campus leaders, interim presidents take on the pandemic, financial uncertainty and calls for systemic change -- but with little time to prepare.

Black workers at universities often are left out of conversations about race and higher education


Black workers at universities are among the most vulnerable people on campuses. But they often are left out of conversations about racial justice.

Will conversation turn to action when it comes to issues of racial equity in college admission?

Is now the moment when college admission professionals will start breaking down known barriers to admission for Black students?


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