Winter could bring more infections to college campuses

As colder weather creeps into some parts of the country, experts warn of increased spread of COVID-19 throughout the country and on college campuses.

Students continue to be stressed about college, their futures

A new survey about student experiences during the fall semester and the coronavirus pandemic found that stress, anxiety and loneliness were their overriding concern. The data are representative of the real-life challenges and uncertainty that students say they face.

A look at the stakes for science in the presidential election

Experts see a sharp contrast between Trump and Biden when it comes to investments in federal research funding and respect for science itself.

COVID-19 forces college libraries to quarantine textbooks, hitting low-income students

Librarians are quarantining print materials for several days between loans to stop the spread of COVID-19. For students who rely on the library to access textbooks, that’s a problem.

What a second Trump term would bring higher education

There are Republican ideas to pursue, but most say they don't know what to expect -- except for more attacks on elite institutions.

Allegheny kicks off new marketing campaign

Allegheny College unveils a new marketing plan to position the college as a serious place to study.

Female academics saw their own experiences with #manterrupting in this week's vice presidential debate


Female academics saw their own experiences in the vice presidential debate's gendered and racialized dynamics.

Missouri Valley College students fear being on campus

Missouri Valley College students with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression want to attend classes fully online to cope with the pandemic. College officials say the students aren't eligible for such accommodations. Experts say the students are legally entitled to them. 

Many colleges publish COVID dashboards, but there's no uniform standard for public reporting

Many colleges created dashboards showing their COVID-19 infection and testing data. But a lack of standards for testing and reporting has made for varying levels of transparency.

Successful and popular Fresno State policy debate coach reassigned

After the coach of the nationally acclaimed debate team at California State University, Fresno, was unexpectedly reassigned last fall, members of the team quit in protest. Coaches at other colleges and leaders of national debate organizations have come to his defense.


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