De-Departmentalizing the B-School

Villanova revamps undergrad curriculum with a more "integrative" approach.

Higher Ed Gold Rush?

Drexel University will open graduate programs in Sacramento, with an eye toward creating a full-blown undergraduate university in northern California.

A Lifeline for Students Left Behind

Western Michigan University launches major effort to educate those who've "aged out" of foster care.

As Institutional Researchers Meet, Studies Galore

Annual gathering of higher education's data experts offers research on colleges' cost efficiency, students' experiences with racial bias, and a different way of calculating graduation rates.

Site Ends Sales of Faculty Papers

Amid professors' complaints, says it had permission to sell submitted works, but ceases its practices nonetheless.

Guidance on Grants for Would-Be Teachers

Education Department's proposed regulations to govern TEACH Grants cannot address program's fatal flaw: Many students will have to repay funds as loans.

The Future of Oxford


Since university's controversial leader announced his plans to leave, academics reconsider his legacy -- and where the institution is headed.

What Makes a College 'Military Friendly'?

SAN FRANCISCO -- More and more colleges are seeking to enroll members of the military (and, increasingly, their spouses), viewing service members as an attractive pool of students who are eager to learn and able to pay, with significant financial support from the federal government.

Quick Takes: Protests at William & Mary

6 Killed in Northern Illinois Shooting

Former graduate student opened fire in a lecture hall before turning the gun on himself.


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