University of Iowa president will retire early, capping a five-year tenure that started on the rocks

Bruce Harreld's abrupt retirement announcement comes only a year after he extended his contract until 2023. He's given no reason for leaving.

Many college presidents are leaving but say the pandemic isn't driving them out

An aging cohort of college presidents, some of whom postponed retirements in the spring, could be contributing to a flurry of departure plans announced this fall.

Teletherapy platforms extend reach of college counseling centers

College counseling centers are increasingly relying on platforms that provide virtual therapy services to continue helping students cope with mental health issues during the pandemic and beyond.

Undergraduate contracts COVID-19 and dies. Family and university call for adherence to safety measures

The death of Appalachian State University sophomore Chad Dorrill is among the first reported since many colleges across the country resumed in-person instruction this fall.

FIRE report: students are censoring their opinions

A new report finds a majority of students feel they can't express their opinions on campus, especially when they are in the ideological minority and even if they believe their college fosters a climate that supports free speech.

Washington and Lee offers full-throated defense of targeted professors

Washington and Lee offers full-throated defense of professors targeted for political and racist reasons.

University of California admissions scandal worsens

New revelations emerge about attempts to get students into Berkeley.

Nomination seen as pushing Supreme Court to the right

Amy Coney Barrett, if confirmed to the Supreme Court, could have a sweeping impact on colleges and universities.

Data reveal complex picture between colleges and county COVID-19 case counts

County-level data reveal a varying picture that sometimes challenges the idea of colleges as COVID-19 hot spots -- but often reinforces it.

HBCUs experiencing better student compliance with pandemic restrictions than other institutions

HBCUs are getting high student compliance with social distancing and mask wearing and are reporting lower coronavirus infection rates. College leaders partly credit Black college culture -- and student awareness of the toll of the pandemic on Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities.


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