Republicans take control of House, pledge oversight

Oversight and lawsuits, not legislating, will be the goal.

Virginia Foxx, an older white woman with white hair and glasses.

Harvard and Yale law will not participate in 'U.S. News' rankings

Deans issue separate scathing attacks on the methodology used in the rankings.

Biden administration appeals debt-relief ruling

Debt-relief advocates decry the ruling as “politically motivated” and “a miscarriage of justice” and ask the administration to extend the pause on student loan payments. (Update: U.S. appeals court imposes preliminary injunction.)

President Biden, an older white man with white hair, stands at a microphone.

'Low-effort' interventions can combat student cheating

A new study evaluates how six simple interventions, including quizzing students on academic honesty, appear to have reduced cheating in a computer science course.

Teacher and students in programming school

University of Chicago postpones course on whiteness

A university known for its commitment to academic freedom is pushing back, but not canceling, a course on whiteness that attracted criticism.

An illustration of a black figure in a crowd of white figures.

Ex-employee alleges discrimination by Tufts admissions dean

Former employees of the Tufts admission office allege their higher-ups discriminated against staff of color. The university has hired an outside law firm to investigate.

GOP lawmakers would likely focus on debt-relief oversight

House Republicans are not likely to cut a deal with Biden administration on federal higher ed issues if they win control in midterms.

Kevin McCarthy, a white man with gray hair, stands at a lectern surrounded by other members of the House Republican caucus.

New Catholic medical school planned

Plans are underway for a new, independent Catholic medical school on the campus of Benedictine College that will strictly adhere to Catholic principles on abortion and end-of-life issues.

Two white men sit at a table signing papers; a white man in a priest's garb is behind them. An American flag is to the left.

Time for new approach to affirmative action debate (opinion)

Catharine B. Hill writes that there’s a better way to make access to the largest subsidies at the more selective institutions available to talented students from all backgrounds.

Campus leaders accuse Michigan State board of overstepping


A Title IX compliance review casts new light on the effort to push out Michigan State’s president. But another battle—over allegations of an overstepping board—is also underway.

Autumn leaves at Michigan State University.


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