Doctoral programs need to rethink their use of standardized tests (opinion)

Graduate programs, not just undergraduate colleges, need to think about whether they need standardized admissions tests and whether they are using them in appropriate ways, write Julie R. Posselt and Casey W. Miller.

Tennessee chancellor dismissed abruptly; president cites 'poor performance'

Unusually public, harsh dismissal letter for Beverly Davenport cites "unsatisfactory performance" across many realms.

White House reportedly weighs restrictions on Chinese citizens doing sensitive research at U.S. universities

White House reportedly considers new restrictions barring Chinese citizens from engaging in sensitive research at U.S. universities. Higher education groups say they want to protect national security interests, but U.S. universities must remain open.

Ohio's Hiram College puts 'new liberal arts' to the test

Ohio's Hiram College stakes its future on ability to attract enough students willing to embrace a new, more interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum.

University of Rhode Island improves student retention and overhauls gen ed

The University of Rhode Island managed to boost its student completion rates and change its gen-ed curriculum while recovering from the budget slashing of the recession.

University of Virginia bans white supremaicst who started "Unite the Right" rally last year


University of Virginia bans organizer of last year's fatal Unite the Right rally from coming on campus after calls from students and professors to do so.

New recommendations for college basketball include nixing one-and-done

Special commission wants to end one-and-done but largely punts on key issues such as athlete pay and time demands that might impede academic performance.

Survey finds professors back free speech on campus, including ideas some find offensive

Survey finds strong faculty support for free expression on campus, even for ideas some would consider offensive.

Study questions whether 'high impact' practices yield higher graduation rates

Researchers challenge conventional wisdom and past studies linking widely promoted educational experiences to timely college completion.

A technology 'evangelist' believes colleges can teach their digital natives a thing or two

Colleges will have to change how they teach Gen Z students in the era of digitization, but the students have much to learn, too: "We're wiser than they are."


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