University of Massachusetts to launch online college for adults in state and nationwide

The University of Massachusetts System wants to compete with Southern New Hampshire and Purdue Global. Details on cost and strategy are still trickling in.

University of California cancels deal with Elsevier after months of negotiations

After months of negotiating over open-access fees and paywalls, the University of California System follows through on threat to cancel its journal subscription deal with Elsevier.

Michael Cohen testifies that Trump threatened colleges over any release of his grades

Michael Cohen releases letter sent to university the president attended and notes that Trump earlier had called on Obama to release his grades. President's grades have never come out, but those of past candidates have.

Education Department boots Argosy campuses from federal student aid program

Trump administration cuts off Title IV student aid for Argosy University campuses and blocks deal to go nonprofit after chain fails to make payments to thousands of students.

Two prominent community college leaders prepare to step down

The influential presidents of two of the country's largest and most prominent community colleges are stepping down.

British universities confront fast-approaching Brexit deadline


As the date for the U.K.'s planned withdrawal from the European Union approaches, universities plan for a "no-deal" Brexit while hoping that won't happen.

Latinx, black college students leave STEM majors more than white students

A new study shows that Latinx and black students leave STEM majors at far higher rates than their white peers.

Arizona State and Chippewa Valley get OER grants as Education Department changes course

UPDATED: Education Department apparently disregards congressional instructions for spending 2019 money, dividing $5 million between Arizona State University and Chippewa Valley Technical College.

College groups raise access concerns over Alexander accountability plan

Senator Lamar Alexander wants to apply a single loan-repayment system to programs at all colleges, nonprofit and for-profit alike, drawing concerns about student access.

Employers team up with higher education to bring open data and standardization to hiring

As employers admit they need to give clearer signals about needed job skills, a broad U.S. Chamber-led group seeks to use standardization and technology to better align credentialing and work-force data.


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