Students who earn C's in gateway courses are less likely to graduate, new data show

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Data show that students who earn C's in foundational courses are much less likely to graduate. As a result, U of Arizona may require some C students to repeat a course.

New study could be another nail in the coffin for the validity of student evaluations of teaching

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New study adds to evidence that student reviews of professors have limited validity.

SUNY removes question on criminal convictions from application

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Sixty-four-campus system will no longer ask applicants to declare prior felony convictions. After admission, those seeking housing or certain kinds of training or experiences will be asked.

NACAC survey shows that most colleges admit most applicants

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Data from admissions group show that, despite all the hype about a few elite colleges that admit a small share of applicants, most institutions say yes to most of those who apply.

President's medical leave raises questions of tenure length and health

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A longtime president's controversial medical leave highlights issues of leaders' age, health and time in charge.

Smith College students protest two leaked faculty letters

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Social work professors told administrators that they were letting students make unfair accusations and admitting unqualified students. Then someone forwarded the professors' letters to students. UPDATE: Dean responds.

Department of Education denies for-profit college's application for nonprofit status

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U.S. Education Department denies a Utah-based for-profit college's application to change its tax status.

New book criticizing well-known professor of neuroscience who died this year sparks ire from her colleagues

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New book criticizing a well-known professor of neuroscience at MIT who died this year sparks ire and an unusual public response from her colleagues.

Traditional colleges enter the coding boot camp market

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Traditional colleges including Northeastern University and Bellevue College are entering the coding boot camp market by partnering with boot camp providers or by creating their own programs.

Should a professor lose his job over refusing to put learning outcome on his course syllabus?

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College of Charleston professor says he's been forced out of a job for refusing to list learning outcomes to please an accreditor. He's suing and says academic freedom is being violated.


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