British universities confront fast-approaching Brexit deadline


As the date for the U.K.'s planned withdrawal from the European Union approaches, universities plan for a "no-deal" Brexit while hoping that won't happen.

Latinx, black college students leave STEM majors more than white students

A new study shows that Latinx and black students leave STEM majors at far higher rates than their white peers.

Arizona State and Chippewa Valley get OER grants as Education Department changes course

UPDATED: Education Department apparently disregards congressional instructions for spending 2019 money, dividing $5 million between Arizona State University and Chippewa Valley Technical College.

College groups raise access concerns over Alexander accountability plan

Senator Lamar Alexander wants to apply a single loan-repayment system to programs at all colleges, nonprofit and for-profit alike, drawing concerns about student access.

Employers team up with higher education to bring open data and standardization to hiring

As employers admit they need to give clearer signals about needed job skills, a broad U.S. Chamber-led group seeks to use standardization and technology to better align credentialing and work-force data.

Students multitask (on things unrelated to course work) more in online settings, study finds

Study finds that even those who are inclined to stray do so less in face-to-face classes -- presumably because instructors and peers are watching. What are the implications for online learning? And is all multitasking bad?

Proposal for payroll withholding sets off debate on student loan system

Proposal to automatically deduct loan payments as a share of borrowers' paychecks promises big improvements but raises questions over some new complications, too.

Study links faculty attitudes on intelligence to student success in STEM, with large impact on minority student success

Students have better educational outcomes in courses taught by those who have "growth mind-sets" than those who believe intelligence is fixed. For minority students, achievement gaps are cut in half.

Study documents economic gains from liberal arts education

Sure, engineers earn more, but new study shows that liberal arts college grads are doing just fine and seeing economic mobility -- and that much of what is said about graduates of these programs is not backed by evidence.

Large donation to a small community college changes the outlook on fund-raising by two-year institutions

A $5 million donation may seem like small change in the era of Bloomberg's billions. But at community colleges the impact can be dramatic.


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