While staying the course in Saudi Arabia, MIT says it will strengthen processes for reviewing projects in "problematic countries"

Spurred by Khashoggi killing, MIT says it will strengthen review of collaborations in countries where governments are engaged in human rights violations but won't override faculty prerogative or terminate existing Saudi-sponsored projects.

California's online community college finds its leader: Heather Hiles

Heather Hiles, an entrepreneur and Gates Foundation alum, will lead the new institution, launching this fall with competency-based certificate programs for the state's adults.

Weighing in on Duke case, experts discuss discrimination against international students and pressures to assimilate

Recent controversy over email from Duke professor about Chinese students speaking Chinese in lounges reflects larger tensions in academe, experts say.

American Library Association criticized for response to racism complaint


Association is accused of trying to silence an African American librarian who complained about hostile comments directed at her during the association’s midwinter meeting.

Homeland Security creates fake university to lure undocumented immigrants seeking to stay in U.S.


Federal agents created a fake university, even enlisting help from an accreditor, to lure undocumented immigrants who were trying to stay in the U.S.

New research says relatively simple interventions are effective in addressing faculty workload imbalances and inequities


New research says some straightforward interventions are effective in addressing faculty workload disparities.

The high price of online learning at Colorado's rural community colleges

High tuition fees for distance education courses are keeping some community colleges in Colorado afloat. But should rural students pay the price?

U of Illinois Faculty Senate considering ways to protect classroom spaces from political disruptions

U of Illinois Faculty Senate is considering what to do about students who want to disrupt classes over political disagreements with professor.

Ave Maria forecloses on the home of a faculty critic (and his nine children)

Ave Maria University and its president, James Towey, call the loan of a former professor who sued the university, possibly forcing him, his wife and their nine children from their home.

Colleges respond as shutdown creates new cost issues for some students

Many college students rely on income -- whether a parent's or their own -- from closed federal agencies. Some colleges are trying to help.


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