Two Christian colleges announce they will hire faculty members in same-sex marriages

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Two Christian colleges change hiring rules to permit employment of faculty members who are in same-sex marriages.

Massachusetts investigation says Boston College retaliated against professor returning from mental health leave

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Massachusetts agency finds that Boston College retaliated against professor returning from leave he took while facing severe mental health issues.

States requiring colleges to note sexual assault responsibility on student transcripts

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Virginia and New York are first states to require colleges to note on transcripts whether a student was suspended or expelled over sexual assault allegations. But at some colleges, ignorance is not the only reason students found responsible for sexual misconduct are able to transfer so easily.

Oregon passes free community college bill as congressional Democrats introduce federal version

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Obama's plan lives on, with newly proposed federal legislation. But the real action is happening in states and cities, most notably with Oregon following Tennessee's lead with a statewide version.

Is the admissions process broken for Chinese students?

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At conference on overseas admissions, discussions focus on whether widespread reports about application fraud are leaving those who are honest feeling they have to cheat.

Army shuts down controversial Human Terrain System, criticized by many anthropologists

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U.S. Army quietly shuts down Human Terrain System, which placed anthropologists and other scholars with military units in Iraq and Afghanistan and set off huge debate over scholarly ethics.

What's at stake when universities raise their minimum wage?

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More and more colleges and universities are voluntarily choosing to increase their minimum wage. Why do they do it and how much does it cost?

Colleges turning to judges in campus sexual assault cases

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Some colleges are hiring retired judges to run hearings on sexual assault charges. Is this an improvement?

Supreme Court will once again consider affirmative action in college admissions

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Justices will once again consider U of Texas admissions policy. Many experts see a majority of justices as dubious of the consideration of race and ethnicity.

Will Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage challenge or change Christian colleges?

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Some experts see threat to tax-exempt status of institutions if they continue to bar same-sex relationships.


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