Arizona State professor accused of plagiarism for second time

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A professor accused and cleared of intentional plagiarism has been accused again, this time for his new book. His defenders say the real issue is that the allegations are being made anonymously.

STEM students fare better when professors don't just lecture, study finds

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Students in science and math fields learn more and fail courses less when their instructors use methods other than lecturing, a massive study finds.

Contract renewal for adjunct with criminal past raises academic freedom concerns at Illinois

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Should a history that includes membership in the Symbionese Liberation Army and jail time disqualify one from keeping an adjunct job? Even if the instructor was open about it and received rave teaching reviews?

Would forcing fraternities to admit women reduce sexual assaults?

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Students and faculty at Wesleyan U. push to end all-male Greek houses. Would such a shift protect women?

Collaboration, or lack thereof, behind Semester Online collapse

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Administrators and faculty members reflect about future of online education on their campuses as 2U's Semester Online consortium nears its end.

Ban selfies? Most institutions say no

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Despite the uptick of institutions banning selfies at graduation, the state of the selfie in higher education is strong.

Private colleges go west for students, don't find them yet

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Five private colleges go to Arizona seeking students. So far, most are disappointed. 

Amid union talks, boycotts raise questions over what athletes could decide

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Another football player boycott -- this time over the reinstatement of a head coach -- raises questions over what athletes will and should be able to decide if they end up unionizing.

Pace of hiring at counseling centers lags behind spike in student problems

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Counseling center directors report that budgets and hiring levels are on the rise -- but staff still struggle to keep pace with an influx of students with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Common Application releases consultant report on technical problems

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Consultant's report blames insufficient testing and a poor plan for frustrating problems experienced in the fall. Analysis also notes concerns about pricing policies that may have left colleges more vulnerable than they might have been.


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