Are numbers of doctorates awarded finally starting to reflect the poor academic job market?


Are numbers of doctorates awarded finally starting to reflect the poor academic job market? New data show decline in nonscience and engineering degrees. Women continue to make gains.

Minerva Project draws notice for its practical, rigorous curriculum and student learning results

The Minerva Project's big contribution to higher education might not be its vision of an elite, global university, but the groundbreaking curriculum it hopes to export to universities around the world.

Baylor studies find that students perform better on tests after eight hours of sleep

Students in a Baylor University class weren't sleeping enough. Their professor offered them extra credit if they got eight hours of sleep or more -- and they performed better on final exams than their peers.

U of Arizona is being sued once again for alleged discrimination against women in terms of salary and promotions

U of Arizona is sued over alleged discrimination against female faculty members in pay and promotions. This suit follows one by female deans.

New research provides detailed data better explaining college teaching costs

New research points to differentials in faculty pay and class size.

Autograder issues upset students at Berkeley


Computer science students at the University of California, Berkeley, are frustrated with a malfunctioning autograding system.

Private colleges set to share courses online to help students graduate faster

Private colleges team up online to fill available courses and help students more quickly fulfill degree requirements. The initiative opens the way for more digital collaboration but poses challenges.

Engagement survey finds students feel prepared for their plans after graduation

Annual survey of student engagement finds that students feel confident in their postgraduation plans. Other recent reports have suggested otherwise.

Pitzer faculty vote to suspend study abroad program in Israel

Pitzer professors seek to suspend the college's program at University of Haifa as study abroad becomes target for supporters of Israel boycott.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan changing internship recruiting timeline for college sophomores

Two major banks decide to no longer offer internships to sophomores for their junior year, a change that institutions say alleviates students' anxiety around entering the field quickly.


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