Private colleges found consortium to collaborate, negotiate with vendors

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Private colleges found a consortium to collectively negotiate with companies that develop enterprise resource planning software.

Furor at Mount St. Mary's over president's alleged plan to cull students

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President's plan to weed out some students soon after they arrive -- and his alleged metaphor for the plan -- set off furor at Mount St. Mary's U.

Obama comments to Southern U student set off debate on president and black colleges

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President’s answer to a question from a Southern University student frustrates some HBCU advocates and sets off debate on the administration's priorities.

Universities left footing the bill as budget crisis looms in Illinois

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Universities in Illinois are covering millions in state costs as politicians continue to debate a 2015-16 budget halfway into the fiscal year.

Job market is tight in many humanities fields, but healthy in economics

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Market looks tight and getting worse for job seekers in English, foreign languages, history and philosophy. But a major social science field -- economics -- is doing a lot of hiring.

Florida Atlantic moves to fire Sandy Hook denier

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Florida Atlantic acts after parents of a boy killed in the Newtown, Conn., tragedy accuse institution of ignoring damage caused by a conspiracy theorist on its faculty.

U Wisconsin faculty say they'd want to leave state if tenure were ended

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Nearly 90 percent of professors at U of Wisconsin System would consider leaving state if tenure were abolished, and majority say it would limit scholarly inquiry, according the results of controversial survey.

University of Iowa leader apologizes for saying teachers without lesson plans should be shot

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Iowa's new president apologizes for "unfortunate" off-the cuff remark.

U of California at San Diego's student government pulls funding for all student publications

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After a controversial humor magazine was denounced by University of California at San Diego administrators, the student government voted to stop funding all student media.

Anthropologists prepare to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities

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At American Anthropological Association meeting, scholars prepare to vote on a resolution calling for the group to boycott Israeli universities.


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