Trustees face pressure to resign at Michigan State, but it's hard to force out boards

Michigan State board members face calls for their resignation in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, but it's hard to force out boards. Some say that's for good reason.

College and university administrators discuss how to thoughtfully reduce faculty duties to help them advance their best work

College and university administrators discuss how to thoughtfully reduce faculty duties, to help them advance their best work.

Outgoing Michigan State president's employment contract draws scrutiny

Critics scrutinize post-employment benefits, but Simon's case could be another piece of a long-unfolding discussion about the college president as CEO.

NSF report documents declines in international enrollments after years of growth

NSF report shows 2.2 percent drop in undergraduate and 5.5 percent drop in graduate international enrollment.

First-round faculty job interviews, which once took place at disciplinary meetings, are increasingly done by video

That's the question disciplinary associations and academics are facing on conference interviews, which many departments are replacing with video.

Study: College students don't have confidence they'll land a job

A new study says students don't feel confident they can find a job or succeed when they land one. 

ABA letters on accreditation reflect contracting market for law schools

The ABA has publicly posted reports on the accreditation status of more than 5 percent of the law schools it approves in the last 18 months, providing a window into the continued aftereffects of the law school bubble.

Talks of restoring earmarks promises a renewed debate within higher ed

Republican leaders talk about restoring path to federal funds without peer review. Grants were lucrative for many colleges, but critics said that merit was sacrificed.

Department of Justice is investigating antitrust issues with regard to NACAC's ethics code


Requests for information sent to NACAC and to institutions with professionals who were involved in drafting its new code of ethics.

Professors debate the role of the historian (or lack thereof) in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's Vietnam documentary

Professors debate the role -- or absence -- of the historian in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new Vietnam documentary, concurring that a lack of critical perspective makes the film more milquetoast than masterpiece.


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