Students with disabilities frustrated with ignorance and lack of services

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Students with disabilities say the ignorance of faculty and staff members makes it difficult to get the help they need -- and in some cases, makes them less willing to disclose their condition.

Work place 'flexibility stigma' affects non-parents, too, study suggests

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What do academic departments risk when they're not perceived as being "flexible" enough to accommodate work-family balance? A lot -- and not only parents feel the pinch, a new study suggests.

Community colleges go big with corporate college consortium

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Maricopa joins a growing number of community colleges in finding new revenue by selling job training to large corporations.

A California law school ends discount pricing

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La Verne tries a radical approach to pricing. Could it catch on in legal education?

Shared governance review at George Washington sheds light on faculty bullies, board chair says

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Board chair at George Washington U. says shared governance policy review shed light on faculty "bullying" of those off the tenure track. But not everyone agrees with his analysis or solutions.

Faculty, industry analysts highlight challenges facing U. of Arkansas' online institution

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With a year and a half to go until the University of Arkansas launches its online institution, can the system avoid the pitfalls that have doomed similar initiatives?

National Hispanic U.'s teach-out raises questions about Hispanic student market

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National Hispanic University shutters degree programs in part because of aid program eligibility, but some question whether demand is there for such a specialized university.

Electronic admission decisions cut response time, but also accuracy

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As more colleges send emails telling rejected applicants they have been admitted, some admissions officers share what they learned from their mistakes.

Obama administration's proposed gainful rewrite sets stage for another lobbying blitz

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The Obama administration’s unveiling Friday of a proposed set of rules on for-profit colleges tees up several months of contentious debate and lively lobbying. 

Some dorm room deposits are called unethical

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Students spend countless thousands on housing fees for dorms they may never live in at colleges and universities they may never attend. Are these charges ethical?


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