Even with booms in student enrollment, not enough degrees to keep up with jobs in computer science

Even though colleges have increased production of computer science bachelor’s degrees, it’s not enough to fill the jobs available in the field, according to a new report.

Likely end of Perkins Loans sets off scramble by aid administrators

Campus officials say elimination of program won’t simplify aid system, as proponents claim, but will likely lead many students to take out private loans.

Breaking: NCAA finds no academic fraud by UNC

Ruling comes despite university’s finding that many athletes were for years enrolled in and passed courses they did not attend and that were not taught by anyone.

New federal higher ed outcome measures count part-time, adult students

A decade in the making, upgrade of the federal government’s main higher ed database enables tracking part-time and adult students and gauging graduation rates for Pell Grant recipients. Limits remain, though.

Students storm class at Columbia to protest university's handling of rape cases

Students storm a professor’s class at Columbia to protest the university’s handling of rape cases. It’s unclear if the students involved will face consequences.

Cengage offers new OER-based product for general education courses

Cengage will offer open educational resources, curated and adapted to include proprietary assessment tools, from $25 per student for general education courses.

Might 'death penalty' be on the horizon for Louisville basketball?

Former NCAA investigators and other experts aren’t sure whether the association might shut down the men’s basketball program, currently caught up in a federal probe, which could “destroy” it.

Study challenges common belief that most science and engineering Ph.D.s leave academe because of the poor job market


As science and engineering Ph.D. students progress through their programs, many lose interest in academic careers, report finds. Study's authors say findings suggest changes are needed in Ph.D. training.

Racist Facebook page discovered at Pomona

Weeks after Harvard University voided the admission of incoming students who participated in a racist Facebook group, the California college grapples with a similar group involving hundreds of current students.

Education Dept.'s inspector general calls for Western Governors to repay $713 million in federal aid


Education Department’s inspector general labels Western Governors as a correspondence-course provider, seeks reimbursement of $713 million in aid and may broadly threaten competency-based education.


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