PETA goes after a postdoc for her research on birds, and academics cry foul

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PETA goes after a Yale postdoc for her research on birds, and some academics cry foul.

Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning's fellowship

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University acts amid uproar over her selection.

Atmospheric scientist at Illinois is on leave after refusing to provide lecture slides to student with disabilities

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A famed atmospheric scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on leave after refusing to heed administrators' request that he give electronic lecture slides to a student with disabilities.

Kentucky's governor says universities should think about cutting programs with poor job prospects

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Kentucky governor sets off debate -- and nettles some professors -- by suggesting eliminating programs that don't prepare students for good-paying jobs.

Students waiting on borrower-defense claims face challenges with credit, obstacles to education

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For those who took out loans to attend for-profit institutions accused of fraud and abuse, delays from Education Department in reviewing loan-forgiveness claims are salt in the wounds. Inside Higher Ed spoke to several of those borrowers.

Reports highlight woes faced by the one-third of all college students who transfer

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Three reports highlight different ways that changing colleges is difficult. Bottom line (in one expert’s words): transferring students are “abused.”

Campus administrators reassure students of protections after Title IX announcement

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After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announces plan to change rules around campus sexual assault investigations, many college-based professionals reassure students that their commitment to preventing and punishing sexual assault remains unchanged.

State campus rape laws could be problematic under new administration

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California, New York and other states have embraced Obama’s approach on campus sexual assault -- what happens if Trump reverses course?

Professor who teaches Harvard's largest class says students should show up

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A year after instructor of the university’s largest course said it was fine for students to watch videos instead of coming to class, he changes his mind.

New book examines developments in hiring nontraditional college presidents

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New book examines which liberal arts colleges are hiring nontraditional presidents (money and prestige make it less likely) and argues that boards should be asking a different question than "traditional or nontraditional?"


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