GAO report blasts colleges on aid offers

Nearly two-thirds of colleges follow half or fewer of the 10 best practices in award letters. No college in GAO’s sample followed all 10.

What will happen to 'U.S. News' rankings?

Some think (and many hope) that the move of law schools away from the publication will prompt undergraduate colleges to do the same. But no new challenges have emerged on undergraduate rankings … thus far.

Report finds faculty diversity isn't meeting student needs


A new report underscores how faculty diversity and student success go “hand-in-hand” and asks, “Why are university faculties so white?”

An emblem representing diversity.

New church office cutting faculty members at Brigham Young

Faculty members are being let go from Brigham Young University, and an opaque new office of the LDS church is apparently calling the shots. A common thread is LGBTQ issues.

The LDS temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How colleges measure and prove their value: Key podcast

With public doubts escalating about whether going to college is “worth it,” campus leaders and policy analysts discuss steps institutions are taking to show how they help students and society.


Colleges go offbeat for cybersecurity training


To appeal to students’ and employees’ “hearts and minds,” campus tech leaders experiment with unconventional strategies: festivals, art installations and role-playing games.

Cybersecurity clowns at Notre Dame's cybersecurity festival. One is wearing a red wig and red nose, and he has a QR code on his rainbow tie-dye shirt.

Professor's murder on campus raises urgent safety questions


A professor’s murder at the University of Arizona, apparently by a former student, raises urgent concerns about campus safety. He wasn’t the first professor killed at work, either.

Thomas Meixner, a white man with gray hair wearing a University of Arizona–themed shirt.

Pepperdine law dean talks openly about his stutter


Pepperdine law school dean is now speaking openly about his lifelong stutter.

Pepperdine law dean Paul Caron, a white man with gray hair wearing black-rimmed glasses.

University tells professors to stay 'neutral' on abortion

Citing new and existing state laws, University of Idaho tells employees what they can (and mostly can’t) say and do regarding abortion. The institution says it may also cease to provide birth control.

Illustration of a female figure with a speech bubble coming from her mouth. There are hands holding pairs of scissors that are cutting into the speech bubble.

Thousands weigh in on new Title IX rules

A step forward or backward? Title IX public comments show deep divisions.

Title IX logo, white letters on a black field.


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