New study says trigger warnings are useless. Does that mean they should be abandoned?

A new study says trigger warnings are useless. Does that mean they should be abandoned?

Maryland professor resigns after allegedly making discriminatory comments about Chinese students and cheating

Professor at Maryland who allegedly accused all Chinese students of cheating resigns, the latest in a series of incidents involving tensions between faculty and international students.

Who would win the NCAA tournament if academics mattered most?

In our little corner of the world, we like to imagine a world in which teams advanced to the Final Four based on brains, not brawn: our annual Academic Performance Tournament.

UT Knoxville blackface incident calls into question administrator commitment to diversity


As President Trump says colleges ignore free speech, University of Tennessee at Knoxville cites the First Amendment as a reason not to expel students for blackface. In protest of that decision, students engage in form of protest Trump repeatedly questions.

Professor at institution 'nobody's heard of' takes on Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter


Professor at university Dinesh D'Souza says "nobody's heard of" instructs him on the mission of smaller, access-oriented private institutions.

DePauw to shrink by laying off dozens of staff and offering buyouts to 100 faculty members

Facing flat enrollment and strained annual budgets, DePauw University will tap endowment to finance layoffs for dozens of staff members and hefty voluntary retirement packages for a graying faculty.

Scientists rally around Vanderbilt professor whose tenure bid appeared to hit roadblocks as Me Too activism grew


A Vanderbilt faculty member, considered a hero to many women in science, finds her once promising tenure bid has stalled.

Survey asks community college students to detail their challenges

A new survey finds they believe too much work and too little money keep them from graduating. But they also cite problems with online education and parking.

American Historical Association says letters of recommendation can wait until candidates pass a first look

American Historical Association says hiring committees shouldn't ask for letters of recommendation until candidates pass a first look.

Scandals over Virginia politicians have come to involve academics and institutions beyond the state


Hundreds of political scientists back colleague who accused lieutenant governor; Duke removes him from an advisory board; new accusation made about Duke failing to respond to rape report; racist yearbook photos found at more institutions.


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