Omnibus spending package boosts student aid while restricting DeVos priorities

Budget bill would increase size of maximum Pell Grant by $175, add $3 billion to NIH and preserve humanities endowment.

Interview with Hanna Holborn Gray on her memoir

Hanna Holborn Gray, who led Yale and the University of Chicago in eras of overt sexism, discusses her new memoir -- and her advice for a new generation of women rising through the ranks.

Professional association that supports creative writing departments just ousted its executive director, with no public explanation

A professional association of writers that supports hundreds of creative writing departments just fired its executive director of three decades, with no public explanation.

Unusual donor agreement at UNLV raises questions about fund-raising and governance

UNLV president signed a gift agreement that said a $14 million pledge was valid only if he was in the job. He's leaving, and the pledge has evaporated. Agreement raises questions on governance and fund-raising ethics.

Udacity ends pledge for students to get hired or get their money back


Online education provider Udacity quietly drops money-back pledge for those who can't find a job after finishing their studies.

Which team would win the NCAA women's basketball tournament if academics ruled?

Who would win the NCAA Division I women's basketball championship if academics mattered the most? 

Pressure mounts on colleges' ties to the firearms industry

St. Thomas in Florida forces out CFO who was on gun company's board as renewed focus on firearm investments has colleges quietly checking their portfolios.

Study finds sharp decline in foreign language enrollments

From 2013 to 2016, enrollments fell 9.2 percent. Declines include Spanish, still the most commonly taught language.

Stanford students challenge Apple on iPhone addiction

New Stanford student group, concerned about device addiction, wants Apple to help.

New books examine college governance and how it can adapt to changing times

Authors break down the basics of university governance but can't resist looking at the big picture.


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