Antitrust law will not limit college costs (opinion)

Catharine B. Hill writes that the Justice Department is taking the wrong approach in higher education.

Is Penn going to punish Amy Wax?

Dean of law school says she deserves a “major sanction.” A faculty panel is studying the issues involved with her statements about Black, Asian, Latino, Jewish and gay people.

Amy Wax, a middle-aged white woman with gray hair.

Harvard pushing Congress to cut endowment tax

Harvard is pushing Senate Democrats to consider reducing the controversial tax that draws an estimated $50 million annually from its $39 billion endowment. Many wealthy private universities want the tax eliminated.

Harvard's seal, a red field surrounded by laurels, with the word "Veritas" written on the pages of three books.

Professor wins his lawsuit against UConn after 11 years

A former lecturer in business at the University of Connecticut wins his lawsuit against the university—11 years after he initially filed. What does this mean for whistle-blowers in academe?

Luke Weinstein, a white man with gray hair.

Biden expands protections for sexual harassment, LGBTQ students

Many praise his proposal, but some criticize the provisions on due process for those accused.

Title IX logo, white letters on a black field.

Western Conn. State president out after draining reserves

University’s reserves went from $24 million in fiscal year 2012 to being “all but wiped out” in 2021. Now the president is out, following a no-confidence vote and a scathing report about financial mismanagement.

John Clark, a middle-aged white man with dark hair wearing a suit and tie.

Canisius accused of ignoring complaints about professor


Lawsuit alleges that Canisius College ignored misconduct complaints about a professor until it couldn’t anymore—and then let him say he’d retired while it left students hanging.

Michael Noonan, a bald white man with a white beard.

Parent PLUS loans deepen racial wealth gap, study finds

Black parents are disproportionately burdened by Parent PLUS borrowing, a new study finds, leading to deeper racial inequities in student loan borrowing and higher education at large.

Illustration of a green figure in a graduation cap holding a circular load on its back labeled "Student loan."

UCLA, University of Hawai‘i, Penn State adopt mask mandates

UCLA, U of Hawai‘i and Penn State are among the colleges restoring the requirement.

A woman with dark hair wears a surgical mask.

Notre Dame faces new questions about professor

Notre Dame faces new questions about the professor who wrote a 2013 article that apparently influenced the mass shooting in Buffalo.

John Gaski, a white man with thinning ginger hair and a mustache.


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