Study looks at impact of adjunct hiring on college spending patterns

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Study suggests the funds institutions gain aren’t going to instruction.

Molly Broad to retire as head of main college lobbying group

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Under its first woman president, higher education’s chief lobbying group fought Obama ratings plan and embraced “innovation” agenda.

Drexel issues new statement about academic freedom and inclusivity

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University issues new statement, explicitly recognizing one of its faculty members' tweets about "white genocide" as "protected speech," but also stressing "importance of choosing one’s words thoughtfully."

Stony Brook philosophy Ph.D. says his department plans review amid claims he's a neo-Nazi

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Stony Brook may be reviewing scholarship behind dissertation approved in philosophy for figure active in white nationalist circles. Some worry about academic freedom implications of such a review.

State audit criticizes University of Louisville's relationship to foundation

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State audit finds fault with management structure and decisions under former president, who responds that auditors failed to consider Louisville's "amazing academic trajectory."

Reed College engages in soul-searching after posters and shouts insult director of 'Boys Don't Cry'

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Reed College engages in soul-searching over students’ shouting during lecture by director of Boys Don't Cry, arguing that the acclaimed film should have featured transgender actors.

Student secretly records professor's anti-Trump comments

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Student secretly records professor’s anti-Trump comments, after which a student group wants the professor punished and the faculty union wants the student disciplined. Are more such incidents to come?

Graduate school group seeks a framework for master's degrees

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With programs growing, graduate schools group tries to create a framework for curricula and expectations across diverse fields.

Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin oppose a proposed change to a new post-tenure review policy

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Wisconsin regents aren’t done changing the way faculty members are evaluated. This time, they are seeking to give administrators independent power over posttenure reviews -- a move faculty groups oppose.

In outlining commitments to undocumented immigrant students, some presidents avoid term 'sanctuary'

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University presidents articulate specific commitments to support undocumented immigrant students, but in many cases eschew the term -- “sanctuary campus” -- preferred by activists.


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