Students' opinions on free speech divided

A new FIRE survey reveals that students broadly support the civil liberty but think there should be limitations.

Pro-colonialism article has been withdrawn over threats to journal editor

“The Case for Colonialism” has been revoked -- not over claims of shoddy scholarship or publication irregularities but rather threats to the journal editor. Some call it a disturbing precedent that could make academics less safe.

Virginia Tech faces accusations of employing white supremacist


Students and activists are alleging a graduate student at Virginia Tech is a white supremacist -- and some want him gone.

Education Dept. updates higher ed consumer tool, adds new comparison feature

The Department of Education rolls out updated information on its college transparency tool, including a new comparison feature.

UC Irvine under scrutiny for taking $200 million for school of health from couple some say back junk science

Medical researchers say UC Irvine is advancing junk science by taking funds from wealthy donors who favor nontraditional therapies.

U.S. appeals court finds student accused of sexual assault was denied due process

Federal panel blocks suspension of University of Cincinnati graduate student, saying institution did not respect his constitutional rights after he was accused of sexual assault.

Education Department releases interim directions for Title IX compliance

Education Department rescinds two guidance documents from Obama administration and issues new directions on how colleges should comply with Title IX. New regulation will follow a formal notice-and-comment period.

PETA goes after a postdoc for her research on birds, and academics cry foul

PETA goes after a Yale postdoc for her research on birds, and some academics cry foul.

Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning's fellowship

University acts amid uproar over her selection.

Atmospheric scientist at Illinois is on leave after refusing to provide lecture slides to student with disabilities


A famed atmospheric scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on leave after refusing to heed administrators' request that he give electronic lecture slides to a student with disabilities.


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