Q&A with author of book on how librarians can better serve higher education

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New book explores how academic libraries can shape their services to better serve higher education -- and what librarians should do to make it happen.

Recent cases renew debate about second chances for athletes who assault women

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Former Stanford swimmer is but the latest example of university athletes accused of assaulting women who seem to escape punishments that are serious enough for their crimes.

Cal State nearly doubles number of presidencies held by women

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The last five campus leaders picked at Cal State have been women, and recent hires have doubled the number of Asian-Americans who will be campus presidents.

Survey results show growth in controversial practice of working with international recruiting agents

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Surveys show an increasing number of U.S. institutions are working with commissioned agents to recruit international students.

Small private college closes, blames Education Department sanction

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St. Catharine College is closing, and the small private institution blames its demise on a version of the same Education Department sanction that toppled the for-profit Corinthian Colleges.

Apparent murder-suicide at UCLA reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared

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Apparent murder of a professor follows a day of terror on campus and reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared.

Academically Adrift's authors on faculty project to define learning outcomes in six fields

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New book unveils faculty-led effort to chart concepts and competencies students should learn in six academic disciplines, with plan to create standardized tests. Will faculty members warm to this version of "learning outcomes"?

Baylor University regents fire head football coach; Ken Starr steps aside

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Ken Starr resigns as president. University fires football coach. Analysis released by institution finds numerous cases in which it mishandled sexual violence involving football players.

Pomona moves to make diversity commitment a tenure requirement

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Pomona changes criteria for evaluating teaching to include whether professors are "attentive to diversity in the student body."

Q&A with author of new book on how parenting affects student outcomes

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Author of a new book on how family matters for college women's success argues that four-year public institutions are increasingly dependent on active -- and wealthy -- parents, and that can harm students with less-involved parents.


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