Firing sets off debate over whether deans must publicly back administrations

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Firing of a dean sets off debate over whether academic leaders must always publicly back the positions of their presidents.

A former ambassador to the Vatican moves to a new university after sexual harassment investigation

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After an investigation found he likely engaged in inappropriate conduct, a Catholic theologian and former ambassador to the Vatican moves from one Catholic university to another.

Duke and UNC debate changing names of buildings that honor racists

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U. of North Carolina and Duke consider wiping away the names of campus buildings that honor Ku Klux Klan leader and white supremacists.

Sports antitrust lawyer's latest target: NCAA scholarship limits

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Forget player unionization. The biggest legal threat facing the NCAA may be the lawyer who helped bring about free agency in professional football and basketball.

Admissions counselor was among those killed on bus to Humboldt State

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An admissions officer was killed on the bus to Humboldt State -- guiding students he recruited from Los Angeles.

Faculty salaries are up 2.2% but report sees many financial issues facing professors

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Faculty salaries outpace inflation, according to a new AAUP report, which notes many lingering economic challenges. Plus lists of the institutions with the highest salaries.

Community College of Philadelphia trustees hire president despite faculty concerns

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Should serving as the provost of a school that closed amid state investigations disqualify one to lead a community college?


New York governor looks for private money to educate prisoners after heat over public financing

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A plan to pay for jail-based higher education with taxpayer dollars gets upended in New York. The governor is now looking for private money.

College of Charleston's next president is politician with Confederate sympathies; faculty and students aren't happy

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A well-connected politician and Confederate hobbyist has been named College of Charleston's president. Students and faculty fear for reputation and mission of respected liberal arts institution.


If a MOOC instructor moves, who keeps the intellectual property rights?

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If a faculty member swaps institutions, who keeps the intellectual property rights to the massive open online course-- the professor, the university, or both?


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