Negotiated rule making returns, but many see it as just first step

Many other fights that focus on for-profit higher education will be center stage in a round of negotiated rule making sponsored by the Department of Education this week. Will the negotiators find consensus on any issues?


University of Michigan fires president

The university says the fired president’s interactions with a subordinate “were inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the university.” Many faculty members are glad to see him gone.


Georgetown, NYU, Princeton adopt changes because of COVID-19

Universities switch final exams and cancel most in-person events.


Controversial artwork twice stolen from Catholic University

A painting of Mary and Jesus, featuring a Jesus that resembles George Floyd, was stolen—twice—from the Catholic University of America. Many students don’t want it back on campus.


Truckee Meadows won't fire 'insubordinate' professor

Truckee Meadows Community College says it won’t fire a professor accused of “insubordination,” after all.


Controversial scholar of pedophilia resigns at Old Dominion

Scholar of pedophilia at Old Dominion University steps down amid controversy about comments on “minor-attracted persons.”


Author discusses his book on evidence of value of liberal arts

Author discusses his new book about the value of liberal arts colleges—and why many people ignore them.


Raceless policy making is inadequate, state higher ed leaders are told


Higher education won’t address racial inequity unless states and institutions acknowledge the current problems and respond to them head-on, a speaker tells state officials.


Research links rise in college completion to grade inflation

New research argues that increases in GPAs are responsible for the rise in college completion rates since the 1990s.


Workbook focuses on supporting students with long COVID

Disabilities services professionals want to get the word out about how students may be affected by long COVID. A new workbook offers tips for those helping these students navigate college while coping with the virus's lingering effects.



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