MIT deals with fallout from canceled lecture

A canceled lecture divides MIT and prompts a review, even as the talk finds new life at Princeton University.


Graduate enrollment grew in 2020 despite pandemic

Enrollments rose in fall 2020 despite big drops in incoming international students. Gains among part-time and underrepresented minority students helped fuel the increase.


Authors discuss their new book, 'The Ph.D. Parenthood Trap'

Authors discuss their new book on parents in academe.


Gonzaga report proposes steps to respond to clergy sex abuse

A commission recommended how administrators can respond to the Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis and the university’s links to accused priests. Advocates for survivors were not impressed.


College seeks to fire professor for 'insubordination'

Truckee Meadows Community College seeks to terminate a tenured professor of math for being repeatedly uncooperative, but the professor says he was standing up for math standards.


West Liberty president plagiarized in several speeches

In at least three speeches, West Liberty University’s president lifted language from a handful of unattributed sources. Faculty members are outraged.


Removed from the classroom over mask rule in Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa removed a professor from in-person teaching because he required masks in his close-quarters lab. He says he's not budging, and he's asking for other professors to join him.


Recent heart transplant patient denied remote teaching ask

Kutztown University didn’t grant any remote teaching requests this term, not even to an immunosuppressed professor with a new heart. The case raises more questions about “blanket” accommodation bans. 


Colleges weigh post-Thanksgiving switches to remote learning

Some colleges are planning to shift instruction online after the Thanksgiving vacation, but far fewer are doing so than last year when COVID-19 vaccinations were not yet available.


Faculty call for reinstatement of acquitted professor


Faculty leaders at the University of Tennessee call for reinstatement of professor acquitted in China Initiative case, and for policy changes for when the FBI comes calling about a professor again.



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